Requests, allocations and procedures to be followed for the introduction and positioning inside the stadium

AC Milan has established a service to manage authorisation requests for the introduction and placement inside the stadium of banners and displays during home matches, in accordance with law n° 14/2007 of Ministero dell’Interno (Osservatorio Nazionale sulle Manifestazioni Sportive) and Codice di Giustizia Sportiva Figc art. 25 comma 3

Before requesting authorisation for the indroduction of banners and banner displays, please read information on usage of personal data.

1- to indroduce banners or banner displays it is necessary to present a written request, filling in the appropriate forms and providing photos of the banner or the  banner display. 
- Request to expose a banner (San Siro): download Form A
- Request to expose banner displaydownload Form B
- Request to expose a banner (Vismara): download Form A

2- Send via email copy of the forms duly filled in to the email address, no later than 4 working days before the match in question.

3- AC Milan will examin the requests in chronological order and subject to availability. Requests are subject to the approval of the G.O.S. (Gruppo Operativo di Sicurezza) in the days before the game. Authorised requests will receive an email confirmation. Should the request not receive a confirmation email, please consider the request rejected.

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