Our headquarters, your home. Whether it's at the museum, store, ticket office and restaurant, we look forward to giving you a unique experience

Since May 2014, the Rossoneri have had a modern and functional headquarters: Casa Milan. It welcomes not only the Club's employees but also Rossoneri fans and all those who want to familiarise themselves with our history and values. It's a space in Milan which is open to both Italy and the world.

Our goal is to create an emotional and entertaining journey for those who visit us: it’s a unique place where the concept of #SEMPREMILAN is woven into the very fabric of the building.

It enables the love of a shared passion and constant interaction with the Club, with the aim of uniting employees, footballers, fans, sports lovers, locals and tourists.

Casa Milan was born for this very reason. It's a place capable of satisfying even the most contemporary of needs for commercial growth, entertainment and the development of society.

The most passionate fan, those with a soft spot for the Club or, in general, anyone who visits Casa Milan will be able to live out their passion for the Rossoneri colours or simply spend their free time inside this unique place.

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