22 January 2021


The Cometa Sports Association project is underway, supported by the Milan Foundation. An ideal kick-off over the lockdown.

Fondazione Milan and Cometa unite to guide children and young people to develop and become the best that they can be through the use of sport. With the project "Networking! - Guiding children and young people to discover their excellence through sport", Milan Foundation will support the educational-sporting path of 30 children and teenagers of the Cometa Sports Association.

The project is aimed at preventing the educational poverty of minors through an educational-sporting path developed by the Cometa Sports Association, according to the specific needs and talents of each individual, to guarantee everyone the opportunity to grow and become the best that they can be. The course aims, in fact, among other things, to improve the psycho-physical well-being of every child, as well as their self-esteem, their problem-solving capacity, their ability to work towards goals, and their ability to relate to peers and adults. In addition to this, the project intends to give value to sporting activities by being an effective vehicle for life teachings and values such as team play, respect, responsibility, and cooperation. All without forgetting the athletic, technical, and methodological preparation for football, but separating perfect sporting performances or purely competition-oriented work from the ultimate motivation of the child's path.

"Networking!", which is currently restricted by the health guidelines of the recent government directive, goes beyond confinement and begins in all its urgent beauty with an ideal kick-off.

Fondazione Milan and Cometa are sharing the undeniable necessity of not leaving these children alone in the face of this renewed period of lockdown, which carries the risk of further heightening feelings of isolation, depression and a lack of motivation, which had already been weighing them down. They have returned to a wildly different and uncertain daily routine and extracurricular life and today, they find themselves unable to fully experiences those places that, each and every day, contribute to making them become the citizens of tomorrow.

Thus, the project is temporarily changing shape and giving life to digital schooling and sporting courses, which benefit from everything that technology has to offer, Today, children will follow a functional training regimen and various sport, recreational and educational activities from their own homes. These courses will be given by coaches and sporting tutors, who will encourage each one of them to maintain a high level of physical and mental health, enthusiasm, motivation, hope, closeness and relationships beyond physical confinement!

Such activities will also be indirectly beneficial for these children’s families, who will find support and relief from qualified staff offering moments of healthy sportsmanship and involvement perhaps during a difficult day.

 “This collaboration with the Cometa Sporting Association was born from the desire to see a project realised that puts sport at the fore as an instrument of education,” said Fondazione Milan General Secretary Rocco Giorgiani. “We’re very happy to be able to support this initiative in a very difficult period, especially for the younger generations. In any circumstance, sport is a useful tool to discover and cultivate talent, whatever that may be.”

This sentiment was echoed by Cometa’s President Lornezo Livraghi, who said: “This sporting group was created to allow everyone to grow and develop through sport. Now that centres of learning and sport are, once again, closed to our boys and girls, as well as opportunities to train, play and build relationships, we think great teamwork is now even more necessary! We believe in the strength of meeting others but, as we await better conditions, we’re busy trying to find new ways to bring sport and its message of hope to these children, even if from a distance. To do our part and win the most important game together: their future.”

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