Started in 2010, it was the first international branch of the Academy Project

Ever since it was established in 2010 in collaboration with LoYAC, the Milan Academy Kuwait has been geared towards young players aged between five and 18. The primary objective has been to foster values such as passion for sport, competitiveness, teamwork and fair play.

Official AC Milan Head Coach, Patrizio Billio, helps train local staff on a daily basis and offers a high-quality training programme where the technical-tactical, psychomotor and relational aspects of the AC Milan model are of utmost importance. This is offered to every player in a healthy and competitive environment.

Faisal AlHaroun, General Manager of the Academy: "Not only does the time we spend with the players provide us with an opportunity to teach them the sport they love, we're also able to help them become successful adults both on and off the pitch. The quality of the training provided has allowed for the continuous expansion of the Football School. It has also meant that we've been able to organise various Milan Experiences, thanks to which the children have had the opportunity to visit Milanello and watch their favourites from up close."

منذ أن تأسست مدرسة كرة القدم في عام 2010 و بالتعاون مع لوياك ، كانت أكاديمية ميلان الكويت موجهة لفئة اللاعبين الشباب الذين تتراوح أعمارهم بين 5 و 18 عامًا. كان الهدف الأساسي هو تعزيز القيم لديهم مثل: الشغف بالرياضة والقدرة التنافسية والعمل الجماعي واللعب النظيف.

يساعد المدرب الرسمي لـ إي سي ميلان باترسيو بيلو في تدريب الموظفين المحليين يوميا،ً ويقدم برنامج تدريبي متميز من حيث الجوانب الفنية والتكتيكية والحركية والعلائقية حيث أنها ذات أهمية قصوى في إي سي ميلان. ويتم تقديم كل هذا في بيئة صحية وتنافسية لكل لاعب.

فيصل الهارون، مدير عام الأكاديمية: "لا يوفر لنا الوقت الذي نقضيه مع اللاعبين فرصة لتعليمهم الرياضة التي يحبونها فحسب، بل يمكننا أيضًا من مساعدتهم على أن يصبحوا بالغين ناجحين داخل الملعب وخارجه. إن جودة التدريب المقدم ساعدت مدرسة كرة القدم بالتوسع المستمر. وهذا يعني أيضًا أننا قد تمكنا من تنظيم العديد من تجارب ميلان، والتي بفضلها أتاحت للأطفال فرصة زيارة ميلانيلو ومشاهدة مفضلاتهم عن قرب ."


  • AC Milan Head Coach: Patrizio Billio (UEFA A)
  • Support: permanent
  • Local Technical Director: Faisal Al Haroun
  • Coching Staff involved: 16
  • Grassroots (5-13): 200
  • Youth Sector (13 - 18): 200
  • Active period: September-May


  • Milan Academy U4 - Ages 3-4
    Recreational-educational activities with physical exercise and games to promote the harmonious development of the children’s identities as they get to know and learn to control their bodies.
  • Milan Academy U6 - Ages 5-6
    An introduction to motor and technical skills for the smaller children as they learn to understand and move their bodies while on the ball in the most introductory games in football coaching.
  • Milan Academy U8 - Ages 7-8
    Consolidation and development of motor and coordination skills, improvement of individual technique and an introduction to the principles of individual tactics through games against an opponent.
  • Milan Academy U10 - Ages 9-10
    The fine-tuning of individual technique and the development of the children’s understanding of individual and team tactics as they begin to work together in different match situations.
  • Milan Academy U12 - Ages 11-12
    A more in-depth understanding of offensive and defensive phases of the game; the development of and introduction to various playing systems through games and situational drills.
  • Milan Academy U14 - Ages 13-14
    A fine-tuning of the children’s understanding of offensive and defensive phases of the game; a more in-depth focus on various playing systems, an introduction to different tactics through team exercises.
  • Milan Academy U16 - Ages 15-16
    The consolidation of a footballing philosophy and identity based on ball possession as the result of all of the children’s training in their various stages of growth.
  • Milan Academy U18 - Ages 17-18
    A programme centred on the specialisation of the technique, tactics, psychology and physicality required for elite competitive football.



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