1. Season tickets and tickets to single matches (hereinafter, singular and plural: Access tickets) are issued by A.C. Milan S.p.A. (hereinafter: AC Milan or Club), with headquarters in Milan, Via Aldo Rossi n.8, zip code 20149, ph. 02.62281, email reception@acmilan.com, call center 02.82958070.
  2. The Access tickets are assigned by name and entitle the holder (hereinafter, singular and plural: Holder) to watch the home matches of the First Team of AC Milan in the assigned seat for the competitions to which the Access tickets refers, in accordance with the calendar, date, and place established by the organizer of the competition, including any variation, whatever their cause and exclusively in the sector, row and seat indicated. Access to the Stadium is also subject to the presentation of the documentation and certifications required from time to time by the orders issued by the competent authorities. In the event of failure to present the documentation mentioned above, access to the Stadium will not be permitted. The possible absence of separation barriers between the various sectors does not allow the Holder to sit in a different place from that indicated on the Access tickets. Personnel on duty at the Stadium during the matches is entitled to verify the consistency of the Access Title with the seat occupied by the Holder and to send the latter away from the Stadium should he/she be sitting in a different place from that printed on the Access tickets.
  3. Any changes to the fixtures, with consequent modification of the date and/or time of the matches must be considered usual and must therefore be considered by the Holder when purchasing the Access tickets. Variations outside the calendar day will only entitle the Holder to a refund of the price of the Access Ticket (in the case of a single match ticket) or of the season ticket installment, subject to the correct and complete completion of the refund procedure indicated, from time to time, on the website www.acmilan.com. On the other hand, compensation for damages, as well as the reimbursement of any expenses, of whatever nature, incurred by the Holder as a result of the aforementioned variation is excluded except in the event that such variation is directly caused by AC Milan's willful or negligent conduct, and in any event any right to compensation for damages and/or reimbursement of any expenses incurred is deemed excluded whenever such variation: (i) results from a request received to that effect from the organizer of the competition and/or (ii) is arranged by AC Milan in implementation of an order or measure of the sports, administrative or public authorities.
  4. The season ticket in the Secondo Anello Verde sector, on the occasion of AC Milan v Inter match (derby), envisages a relocation at no additional charge to the Terzo Anello Blu, or alternatively, the Holder of the season ticket may purchase a ticket at a discounted price in any other sector of the stadium chosen among the seats available through the methods and timing to be notified by AC Milan.
  5. The Access tickets may be transferred only through the free change ticket user procedure available on the website of AC Milan at the following address: www.acmilan.com. The Access tickets uploaded digitally on the CRN card can only be transferred to other CRN card holders. The right to transfer to third parties the Access tickets relevant to the Season tickets purchased is in any case subject to:
    • the limits imposed by AC Milan, at its discretion, during the season and could therefore also be fully prohibited. This limitation was taken into account in determining the consideration of the Season ticket, significantly reduced compared to the price of the ticket to single matches
    • any limit imposed, even on single matches, by the competent administrative Authorities.
  6. Resale of the single match ticket and/or access ticket included in the season ticket is prohibited. AC Milan reserves the right to cancel access tickets resold at increased prices.
  7. AC Milan reserves the right to provide a "dress code" for the access to some Hospitality areas of the Stadium and reserves the right to accommodate its guests in rooms other than those planned and/or to offer an alternative food and beverage service to the one initially communicated, in case of temporary unavailability of a Hospitality area or the service previously agreed upon.
  8. The right of access cannot be exercised in the extra-time of matches suspended after the kick-off of the second half.
  9. In the event of the closure of the sector of the Stadium in which the season ticket holder's seat is located, the latter - provided that he/she has not contributed to causing the liability, including objective liability (as qualified by the Code of Sports Justice of the Federazione Italiana Giuoco Calcio) as a result of which it has become necessary to close that sector of the Stadium - shall have the right to request the refund of the season ticket installment, subject to the correct and complete completion of the refund procedure indicated, from time to time, on the website www.acmilan.com. The right to a refund under this Article 9 is excluded if AC Milan provides the season ticket holder with a replacement coupon to attend the match in another sector of the Stadium.
  10. In cases of the disqualification of the ground with the match being played in another stadium, or the obligation to play the matches behind closed doors, or the reduction of the capacity of the Stadium, the season ticket holder - provided that he/she has not contributed to causing the liability, including objective liability (as qualified by the Code of Sports Justice of the Federazione Italiana Giuoco Calcio) of AC Milan as a result of which it was decided that the match be played in another stadium or at closed doors or with reduced capacity - shall have the right to request the refund of the season ticket installment upon proper and complete completion of the refund procedure indicated, from time to time, on the websitewww.acmilan.com. In the event that the match is played at another stadium, the season ticket holder, in alternative to obtaining the refund as provided for in the preceding sentence, may request from AC Milan, subject to the correct and complete completion of the procedure indicated, from time to time, on the website www.acmilan.com, a replacement coupon valid as an Access Ticket to the stadium in which the match will be played and the relative request will be satisfied conditionally to the seating capacity of the different stadium indicated for the playing of the match. Compensation for damages resulting from the change of stadium or the playing of the match behind closed doors is in any case excluded, except in cases where the playing of the match in another stadium or behind closed doors is directly caused by the willful or negligent conduct of AC Milan, and in any case it is understood that any right to compensation for damages is excluded whenever the change of stadium or the playing of the match behind closed doors is a consequence of compliance with provisions of law, regulations or other act or measure of administrative, public or sports authorities (including the sports justice bodies).
  11. The purchase of Access tickets must only be done through the AC Milan official channels, listed on the website www.acmilan.com. In particular, in case of purchases via Internet, only through authorized sites and in compliance with the procedures established by AC Milan. The Club IS NOT LIABLE for any prejudice or damage suffered by the Holder of Access tickets purchased through channels other than those authorized.
  12. AC Milan over the course of the season reserves the right to offer limited-number packages, including stadium tickets issued at particularly advantageous economic conditions; the tickets contained in these packages may not be transferred to others and will therefore not be susceptible to name changes.
  13. Access tickets issued at a discounted price or for free are issued subject to availability of the number of seats determined by AC Milan.
  14. AC Milan has the right to create a price list subject to dynamic increases, according to the availability of Access tickets and sectors, depending on the time of purchase of the Access tickets. Methods and times will be published on the website www.acmilan.com.
  15. Under 14s can access the stadium only if accompanied by adults as long as they are both Holders of Access tickets.
  16. The purchase of Access tickets implies the acceptance and compliance with these Sales Conditions, with the "San Siro Stadium Ground Regulations" and with the Code of Conduct and Regulations applied by AC Milan. The Access tickets will be cancelled or, in any case, made unusable if the Holder or in any case its user is not authorized to access sports facilities as a result of a criminal or administrative provision, or if it is used by someone other than the Holder or in the case of violations of the "San Siro Stadium Ground Regulations" published on www.acmilan.com and posted at the "Stadio G. Meazza di San Siro" or with the Code of Conduct and Regulations published on the website www.acmilan.com.
  17. Please note that the personal data needed for the purchase of the season ticket or other access tickets to the stadium will be processed by AC Milan, as data controller, pursuant to EU Regulation no. 679/2016 and Legislative Decree no. 196/2003, for the purposes and in the manners described in the privacy policy provided when subscribing to CRN card and / or in any case available on the website www.acmilan.com. The consents granted on other occasions are valid limited to the processing carried out jointly by AC Milan and Milan Entertainment S.r.l. and subject to the express consent.
  18. Pursuant to Article 59(n), of Legislative Decree No. 21/2014, Access Tickets, even if purchased off-premises, do not have the right of withdrawal referred to in Article 52 of the same law, because they relate to services concerning leisure activities that provide for a specific date or period of performance.
  19. AC Milan may assign a seat other than the one indicated on the Access Ticket for reasons of force majeure, fortuitous cases, public order, security, maintenance and/or modernization work or on the instructions of Public Safety Authorities, Lega Nazionale Professionisti, Observatory, CASMS or any other competent body. In such a case, the assigned seat will be a seat for which the full purchase price of the relevant Access Ticket is equal to or greater than that purchased. 
  20. Please note that the squad may undergo significant changes during the football season. The use of the image of the players part of the squad for promotional purposes in the context of the season ticket campaign does not constitute a guarantee of their stay in the squad.
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