1. Tickets for single matches (hereinafter referred to as Tickets or Ticket in the singular form) are distributed by A.C.Milan S.p.A (hereinafter referred to as AC Milan or Club), with its HQ in Milan, Via Aldo Rosso n.8, Postcode: 20149, tel: 02.62281, reception@acmilan.com, call centre: 02.62284545.
  2. The Tickets are nominative and give the right to the ticket holder (hereinafter referred to as Ticket Holder) to frequent, as per the seat indicated on the Ticket, AC Milan First Team matches at home in the competition relative to that which is indicated on the Ticket, with regards to the schedule - date, time and venue - that is established by the organisers of the competitions and to the possible rearrangements, whatever the cause of these changes may be, and exclusively in the sector, block and seat number indicated. Access to the Stadium is also subject to the presentation of the documents and certifications required by the competent authorities. In the event of failure to produce said documentation, access to the Stadium will not be allowed. The absence of barriers separating the various sectors does not justify the occupation of a different seat from the one indicated on the Ticket. It is the responsibility of the Stadium staff working on matchdays to check that the Tickets correspond to the seats actually occupied by the Ticket Holder and to remove the Ticket Holder from the Stadium if he/she occupies a seat other than the one indicated on the Ticket.
  3. Any changes to the fixture list, with any resulting modifications to the date and/or time of a match, have to be regarded as usual and must be taken into consideration by the Ticket Holder upon purchase of the Ticket. Changes outside of a matchday will only entitle the Ticket Holder to a reimbursement of the price of the Ticket (if it was purchased for one single game) or to the value of the instalment of a subscription, provided the correct refund procedure, as outlined - from time to time - on the www.acmilan.com website, is carried out in full. Compensation for any damages incurred is not possible, neither is it possible to claim a reimbursement for any expenses, of whatever nature, that the Ticket Holder may have incurred as a result of the aforementioned changes unless the change was directly caused by wilful or negligent conduct on the part of AC Milan. In any case, any right to compensation for damages and/or reimbursement for expenses is waived if: (i) the changes result from a request from the competition organisers, (ii) AC Milan is acting on orders or provisos from sporting, administrative or public authorities.
  4. When AC Milan play Inter (Derby), a season ticket in the Secondo Anello Verde shall be valid in the Terzo Anello Blu at no additional cost. Alternatively, the season ticket holder may purchase a ticket in any sector of the stadium at a reduced price, choosing among available seats in full respect of the procedures and deadlines communicated by AC Milan.
  5. Tickets are only exchangeable via the name change procedure, which is available on the AC Milan website using the following address: www.acmilan.com. Tickets that are loaded digitally to the "CRN Card" can only be exchanged with other holders of a "CRN Card". The right to confer Tickets to a third party from a subscription is, in any case, conditional:
    − on the potential limits imposed by AC Milan, at its own discretion, throughout the course of the season and may also be totally prohibited. This limitation factors into the pricing of a season ticket, which is substantially reduced compared to the price of a single ticket;
    − on the potential limits imposed, even on the occasion of single matches, by the relevant administrative authorities.
  6. The reselling of tickets is forbidden. AC Milan reserves the right to cancel tickets resold at increased prices.
  7. AC Milan reserves the right to set a dress code for entry to any of the Stadium's Hospitality areas and also reserves the right to host guests in rooms other than the one originally offered and/or offer an alternative food/beverage service to the one initially advertised in case of any temporary unavailability of a particular Hospitality area or the service previously agreed upon.
  8. The right of access cannot be granted should a match be suspended after the start of the second half.
  9. In case of the closure of the sector of the stadium in which a season ticket holder sits, the season ticket holder will have the right to request a refund of the subscription rate - as long as he/she has not contributed to the cause of said closure, not even through objective liability (as per the Sports Justice code of the Federazione Italiana Giuoco Calcio) as a result of which it has become necessary to close that sector of the stadium - provided the correct refund procedure, as outlined - from time to time - on the www.acmilan.com website, is carried out in full. The right to reimbursement under article 9 is excluded if AC Milan provides the subscriber with a replacement ticket to attend the match in another sector of the Stadium.
  10. In the event that a ground is disqualified and the match is played at another stadium, or if a match has to be played behind closed doors, or there is a reduction in Stadium capacity, the season ticket holder - provided that he/she did not contribute to causing AC Milan's liability, including objective liability (as per the Sports Justice code of the Federazione Italiana Giuoco Calcio), as a result of which it was decided to change the venue or to play the match behind closed doors - will reserve the right to request a refund of the subscription rate, provided the correct refund procedure, as outlined - from time to time - on the www.acmilan.com website, is carried out in full. In case a match is held in another stadium, the season ticket holder, as an alternative to requesting a full refund as provided for in the previous sentence, may request from AC Milan - subject to the correct completion of the process indicated, from time to time, on the www.acmilan.com website - a replacement coupon valid as a Ticket for the stadium in which the game is held and the request shall be carried out as per the capacity of the stadium identified for hosting said match. Compensation for damages resulting from the change of stadium or the playing of the match behind closed doors is in any case excluded unless the playing of the match in another stadium or behind closed doors is directly caused by the wilful or negligent conduct of AC Milan, and in any case, any right to compensation for damages is excluded whenever the change of stadium or the playing of the match behind closed doors is a consequence of compliance with provisions of law, regulations or other acts or measures of administrative, public or sports authorities (including sports justice bodies).
  11. The purchasing of Tickets must only be carried out via AC Milan's official channels, which are listed on the www.acmilan.com website. In particular, in the case of an internet purchase, these may only be made via authorised websites and in accordance with the procedures established by AC Milan. The Club WILL NOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE for any prejudices or damages that may be suffered by the Ticket Holder should they purchase a Ticket via an unauthorised channel.
  12. During the season, AC Milan reserves the right to offer a limited number of packages, which can include stadium tickets issued at particularly advantageous prices; the tickets contained in these packages may not be transferred to others, meaning the name change procedure will not be possible.
  13. Tickets issued at a reduced price or free of charge shall be distributed until no further seats remain. AC Milan will determine the number of said seats.
  14. AC Milan will be able to create a dynamic increasing price list, according to the availability of Tickets and sectors, depending on the time of purchase of Tickets. Procedures and deadlines will be published on the www.acmilan.com website.
  15. Minors of 14 years of age or younger may only enter the Stadium if they are accompanied by an adult, each after having purchased a Ticket.
  16. The purchase of a Ticket is taken as acceptance and respect of the current Terms and Conditions, of the "Stadio San Siro Use Regulations" and of the Code of Conduct and Regulations applied by AC Milan. The Ticket shall be cancelled or otherwise rendered unusable if the Ticket Holder, or its user, is a person who is not entitled to access the sports facilities as a result of a criminal or administrative measure, or if it is used by a person other than the Ticket Holder or in case of violation of the "Stadium Use Regulations" published on the website www.acmilan.com and posted at the "Stadio G. Meazza di San Siro" or of the Code of Conduct and Regulations published on the www.acmilan.com website.
  17. Please note that the personal data required for the purchase of a season ticket or of other Tickets to enter the stadium shall be treated by AC Milan, as the data controller, in accordance with EU Regulation no. 675/20176 and with Legislative Decree no. 196/2003, for the purposes and in the manner as per the information provided upon subscribing to the "CRN Card" and/or available on the www.acmilan.com website. Limited to the processing jointly carried out by AC Milan and Milan Entertainment S.r.L and only upon express consent, the consent given upon subscription to the "CRN Card" or at other times is also valid.
  18. Pursuant to Article 59(n) of Legislative Decree no. 21/2014, Tickets, even if purchased off premises, do not enjoy the right of withdrawal set out in Article 52 of the same law, because they relate to services concerning leisure activities that provide for a specific date or period of performance.
  19. AC Milan may assign a seat other than the one indicated on the Ticket for reasons of force majeure, unforeseeable circumstances, public order, security, maintenance and/or modernisation work or on the instructions of the Public Safety Authority, the Lega Nazionale Professionisti, Osservatorio, CASMS or any other competent body. In this case, the seat allocated will be a seat for which the full purchase price of the relevant Ticket is equal to or greater than the seat purchased.
  20. It should be known that the First Team squad might undergo significant changes throughout the course of the season. The use of the image of whichever squad member as part of the promotion of the season ticket campaign does not constitute a guarantee that they will remain a part of the squad.

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