Since 2012, it has offered a high-standard training and sports programme

In 2011, Milan Academy TASIS was founded in collaboration with TASIS Switzerland. Right from the day of its inauguration, the Academy has sought to provide its students, aged between six and twelve, with a high-quality educational and sporting programme at one of the most important boarding schools in Europe.

Activities are organised and overseen by Cosimo Savoia, Official AC Milan Head Coach. Focusing on the development of coordination and motor skills, as well as the technical ability, interpersonal and tactical understanding that underpin the beautiful game, the programme seeks to guide the personal and sporting growth of every child that we work with, sharing the Club's values with the children.

Luca Ugolotti, TASIS Business Manager: "This partnership, which is truly one of a kind, was forged with the intention of promoting the sport along with all the values that come with it: loyalty, a willingness to make sacrifices, mutual assistance, following rules, learning to work as a team and to lead with absolute professionalism. These are the characteristics that, together with AC Milan, we're trying to instil into the youngsters every day, so that they can be exemplary citizens in later life."


  • AC Milan Head Coach: Cosimo Savoia (UEFA B)
  • Support: Regular visits
  • Local Technical Director: Gionni Lessi
  • Coaching Staff involved: 2
  • Grassroots (5-12): 50
  • Active Period: September-August


  • Milan Academy U6 - Ages 5-6
    An introduction to motor and technical skills for the smaller children as they learn to understand and move their bodies while on the ball in drills that prepare them for a full game of football.
  • Milan Academy U8 - Ages 7-8
    Consolidation and development of motor and coordination skills, improvement of individual technique and an introduction to the principles of individual tactics through games against an opponent.
  • Milan Academy U10 - Ages 9-10
    The fine-tuning of individual technique and the development of the children's understanding of individual and team tactics as they begin to work together in different match situations.
  • Milan Academy U12 - Ages 11-12
    A more in-depth understanding of offensive and defensive phases of the game; the development of and introduction to various playing systems through games and situational drills.


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