Fun is on the horizon, run to our City Camps now!

City Camps offer boys and girls aged 6 to 17 the opportunity to experience one or more weeks of training and fun while staying close to home. All of our City Camps are organised in the major Italian cities, from Monday to Friday.


Calabria - Futura Vacanze La PrayaJulySSD PolisportEventiInfo Facility
Calabria - Futura Vacanze NausicaaJulySSD PolisportEventiInfo Facility
Campania - BeneventoJuneSSD Al2sportInfo Facility
Emilia Romagna - CasinalboJuneSSD Al2sportInfo Facility
Emilia Romagna - Piacenza S. NicolòJuneASD Priamar LiguriaInfo Facility
Emilia Romagna - PortomaggioreJulySSD AVSPORTInfo Facility
Emilia Romagna - San MicheleJuneSSD Al2sportInfo Facility
Friuli Venezia Giulia - PordenoneJuneSSD Al2sportInfo Facility
Friuli Venezia Giulia - TriesteJuneSSD Al2sportInfo Facility
Lazio - ViterboJulyASD Love SoccerInfo Facility
Liguria - VallecrosiaJulySSD AVSPORTInfo Facility
Liguria - VarazzeJuneASD Priamar LiguriaInfo Facility
Lombardia - AlbinoJulySSD PolisportEventiInfo Facility
Lombardia - ArdennoJuneASD FANTASY FOOTBALLInfo Facility
Lombardia - AssagoJunePROMO.S. SSDInfo Facility
Lombardia - BareggioJuneSSD PolisportEventiInfo Facility
Lombardia - BelluscoJunePROMO.S. SSDInfo Facility
Lombardia - BormioJuly - AugustASD FANTASY FOOTBALLInfo Facility
Lombardia - BresciaJuneSSD Al2sportInfo Facility
Lombardia - CalvignascoJulySSD Al2sportInfo Facility
Lombardia - Cernusco s/NJunePROMO.S. SSDInfo Facility
Lombardia - CormanoJulySSD AVSPORTInfo Facility
Lombardia - DubinoJuneASD FANTASY FOOTBALLInfo Facility
Lombardia - Laveno MombelloJunePROMO.S. SSDInfo Facility
Lombardia - LisanzaJulySwitch SportInfo Facility
Lombardia - MagentaJuneSSD AVSPORTInfo Facility
Lombardia - MantovaJuneASD Love SoccerInfo Facility
Lombardia - MenaggioAugust - SeptemberSSD Al2sportInfo Facility
Lombardia - Milano CS PalaunoJulyASD PalaunoInfo Facility
Lombardia - Milano CS PozzoJuneASD PalaunoInfo Facility
Lombardia - Milano Piccolo San SiroJunePROMO.S. SSDInfo Facility
Lombardia - MorazzoneJunePROMO.S. SSDInfo Facility
Lombardia - MozzoJulyASD FANTASY FOOTBALLInfo Facility
Lombardia - PegognagaJulyASD Love SoccerInfo Facility
Lombardia - SirmioneJuneSSD Al2sportInfo Facility
Lombardia - TemùAugustPROMO.S. SSDInfo Facility
Marche - Porto San GiorgioJuneASD FastEventi SportiviInfo Facility
Marche - UrbinoJuneASD FastEventi SportiviInfo Facility
Piemonte - NovaraJuneSSD PolisportEventiInfo Facility
Piemonte - Pozzolo FormigaroJuneASD Priamar LiguriaInfo Facility
Piemonte - RivanazzanoJuneASD Priamar LiguriaInfo Facility
Piemonte - Villanova D'AstiJuneSSD PolisportEventiInfo Facility
Puglia - Futura Vacanze Barone di MareJulySSD PolisportEventiInfo Facility
Puglia - ModugnoJuneSSD PolisportEventiInfo Facility
Puglia - TraniJulySSD AVSPORTInfo Facility
Puglia - VeglieJulySSD AVSPORTInfo Facility
Sardegna - CagliariJulySSD PolisportEventiInfo Facility
Sardegna - Futura Vacanze Baia di ConteJulySSD PolisportEventiInfo Facility
Sardegna - Futura Vacanze Cala FioritaJulySSD PolisportEventiInfo Facility
Sardegna - NuoroJulySSD PolisportEventiInfo Facility
Sardegna - PulaJulySwitch SportInfo Facility
Sardegna - SassariJulySwitch SportInfo Facility
Sicilia - CanicattìJuneSwitch SportInfo Facility
Sicilia - CataniaJulyASD Priamar LiguriaInfo Facility
Sicilia - San CataldoJuneSwitch SportInfo Facility
Toscana - Margine CopertaJulySSD PolisportEventiInfo Facility
Toscana - San VincenzoJulyPROMO.S. SSDInfo Facility
Trentino-Alto Adige - CalavinoJulyASD Love SoccerInfo Facility
Trentino-Alto Adige - FornaceJulyASD Love SoccerInfo Facility
Trentino-Alto Adige - MarebbeJulyASD Love SoccerInfo Facility
Trentino-Alto Adige - MeranoJuneASD Love SoccerInfo Facility
Trentino-Alto Adige - SalornoJulyASD Love SoccerInfo Facility
Trentino-Alto Adige - San PancrazioAugustASD Love SoccerInfo Facility
Trentino-Alto Adige - VelaJuneASD Love SoccerInfo Facility
Umbria - PerugiaJulyASD FastEventi SportiviInfo Facility
Valle d'Aosta - AnteyAugustASD Priamar LiguriaInfo Facility
Veneto - PadovaJuneSSD Al2sportInfo Facility
Veneto - RovigoJulyASD FANTASY FOOTBALLInfo Facility
Veneto - VeronaJuneASD Love SoccerInfo Facility



  • Football course supervised by highly qualified coaches
  • AC Milan academy kit
  • Insurance
  • Lunch
  • Snacks
  • Medical assistance

*The aforementioned services may vary depending on the organisation and location chosen.



  • 08:30: Arrival at the camp and daily presentation
  • 09:00: On the pitch (technical training)
  • 11:00: Recreational sporting activities
  • 12:30: Lunch - leisure and relaxation
  • 15:00: On the pitch (technical training)
  • 17:30: End of day activity

*The daily and weekly schedule may vary depending on each location and type of camp (City - Residential - International).

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