A journey into the history of our emblem

Our history is one of tradition and evolution. The key to understand that is our emblem, which has been updated over time - but without losing its essence.
The cross is the oldest part; before being used on the English flag, the red cross on a white background was born here in Italy. The Republic of Genova used it as their emblem and then it was chosen to represent the Carroccio, a symbol of the Milan commune, which was opposed to the imperial forces.

Since its first appearance in 1160, the cross has been linked to Milan. The red represented nobility, the white represented the people - there was a unity between them in this emblem.
Seven centuries later, this sense of unity was still alive in AC Milan fans' hearts. The Club united aristocrats and "casciavìt" (the working classes) in a shared love for the Rossoneri.

As seen in that very first badge, the Club stayed loyal to its values, beginning its history under an elegant, short-lived name: Milan Football and Cricket Club, which united football with England's other great sporting passion. The cricket was soon abandoned, but the colours, badge and spirit of community remained unequivocally. The Club is in perpetual evolution, but always respects its history - that is the balance that defines our identity.

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