San Siro in Milan, 3 July 1977

A season of two halves for AC Milan: fruitless discussions over Marchioro's suitability, Rivera and Maldera meant the Rossoneri lost a lot of time, and points. On top of that there were the difficulties Capello and Braglia had in replacing two stalwarts like Benetti and Chiarugi, so you can understand why at one stage AC Milan found themselves flirting with relegation. However, two victories to end the league season, 3-2 at home against Catanzaro and 2-0 away against Cesena, meant the Rossoneri finished the season just two points off sixth place.

Had the Coppa Italia been played during the league, Paròn Rocco’s Rossoneri would’ve struggled, but the positive end to the league season unshackled AC Milan. The second phase of the competition, against Napoli, Bologna and SPAL started on 12 June when the league was done and dusted. This meant AC Milan were in better form than anyone else, proven by their 5-0 win against Bologna, five wins and only one draw in that phase. Thus, the Rossoneri eased through to the final, which was to be played in Milan against Inter. That match marked Sandro Mazzola’s farewell and AC Milan won 2-0 thanks to goals from Aldo Maldera and Giorgio Braglia.

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