AC Milan firmly believes in the social value of football and is among the most virtuous Clubs in terms of social responsibility. All its stakeholders are involved in many projects that give life to dreams, emotions and values

Fondazione Milan is a non-profit organisation linked to the wider scope of AC Milan's Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability. Set up in 2003 with the aim of doing something good for the community and, above all, those in situations of hardship, the Foundation focuses its attention on projects that use sport and its values to help young people in difficulty build a better future.

On 20 February 2022, Fondazione Milan celebrated 19 years since its foundation, a period that has seen it put in place more than 210 projects across 20 countries and invest over 10 million euros.

Over the years, Fondazione Milan has supported children and youngsters who are adversely affected by pressing social issues such as poverty, violence and discrimination. It has done this via the medium of sport, which possesses the great capacity to educate, unite and inspire.

Fondazione Milan's work focuses on three areas of intervention:

  1. Sport for Change: This is a programme dedicated to minors at risk of social exclusion or in conflict with the law who, at a particular time of their lives, may find themselves in a difficult situation where they don’t have any role models or are excluded from their peers. The objective of the programme is to encourage the use of sport as a tool to counteract poor education and economic poverty, promoting integration and social inclusion in the process. There is also the aim of creating a sense of identity and belonging in communities that are most at risk and which lack socio-cultural references.
  2. Sport for All: This is a programme that aims to promote the development of and access to sports activities for people with disabilities in order to foster integration and social cohesion. It is being carried out in collaboration with first-rate Italian partners who have accrued experience and established working practices that are highly suited to the areas in which they are implemented.
  3. Assist: This is a programme that draws on Fondazione Milan's experience over 19 years to carry out social projects that improve the quality of people's lives.

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