Official AC Milan extension brings the latest news, highlights, interviews, images and exclusive content on your browser

AC Milan is delighted to announce a new step towards bringing the Club ever closer to its fans with the introduction of BrandTURBO. A new Rossonero world for all to explore, BrandTURBO is a browser extension compatible with both Chrome and Edge (on both Windows and macOS) that gives the user the freedom to deck their homepage with distinctive Rossoneri wallpapers.

But wait, there's more! BrandTURBO also allows the user to organise their favourite websites, gives them constant access to all the latest news and channel their support for AC Milan to their browser.

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity, with the Club’s extension you’ll never miss out on the latest news on social media; you’ll always be up to date on the fixtures, will be able to purchase tickets and take advantage of exclusive promotions. All of this from your homepage!

Join our community to make your web browser truly Rossoneri!

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