club15 December 2020


The Club donates 70 tablets to support distance education and digital classrooms in schools

AC Milan's commitment continues together with the Municipality of Milan to guarantee all students the right to education, even in these difficult times, as well as the Club's support towards a digitization that involves also culture. The Club donated 70 tablets to two schools: the Istituto Comprensivo Guido Galli and the Istituto Comprensivo in via Scialoia to allow students of primary and secondary school to access education and training content even from home through distance education. 

The aim of the initiative is also to support the creation of digital classrooms. A few days ago the two Milanese schools received the devices that are going to foster the use of technology directly in the classrooms. The tablets are going to delivered to the pupils of the aforementioned schools who do not have them should there be the need to rely again on distance education due to the Covid-19 emergency.

In March, thanks to the projects backed by its Corporate Social Responsibility department, AC Milan donated 30 tablets as part of the initiative coordinated by the Ufficio Scuole Aperte of the Municipality of Milan. This initiative is part of the Club’s wider engagement in support of the population affected by the epidemic since the beginning of the emergency.

Martino Roghi, CSR Manager AC Milan said: "School and young people are the future, through this initiative we are contributing to the support of education through distance learning and by developing digital classrooms. Our aim is to allow girls and boys to have access to education also through a process of digitization from the very beginning of their educational growth path. We are proud to stand alongside those who care about the culture of our students, the teachers and the Municipality of Milan that involved us to actively participate in a social program linked to schools."

The Councilwoman for Education of the Municipality of Milan Laura Galimberti commented: "Distance education has allowed us to ensure young people’s right to education even in a health emergency situation such as the one we’re facing this year. We are very grateful to AC Milan and to its vital contribution thanks to which we were able to help thousands of families in difficulty and at the same time to spread technology in schools. Thanks to the generosity of many donors, we were able to provide 1800 devices to as many students without the necessary resources who risked not being able to follow the lessons with their classmates. The collaboration between public and private sector has once again proved to be essential and beneficial for the community". 

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