club27 January 2021


The Rossoneri remember the victims of Nazi extermination camps

As part of the RESPACT program, the club's manifesto to promote social equity, equality and inclusiveness, AC Milan recognize the importance of reflection and awareness in memory of the Shoah and has decided to join in support of Holocaust Remembrance Day by supporting and enhancing the Stolperstein project. Covered in shiny brass, the Stolperstein stones represent the largest widespread monument in Europe in memory of the victims of the Nazi extermination camps. 

The digital project "Instagram History" was created thanks to the collaboration between the Stolperstein Committee, Imille and CTRL Magazine, under the patronage of the Municipality of Milan and the support of Senator for Life Liliana Segre. On the day of the 76th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz concentration camp, the Instagram profiles of public figures will be filled with the stories of the 121 Milanese prisoners to whom the Stolperstein Stones were dedicated, thus creating Instagram Carousels. Instagram will allow you to share the value and importance of this memorial, making it easily accessible to all, especially to young people.

Marco Steiner, the current President of the Stolperstein Committee of Milan, and the son of Mino Steiner, a Milanese student deported to concentration camps in 1944, recalls the historical period characterized by the presence of the Third Reich in an interview. Thoughts, emotions, and reflections testify the importance of never forgetting this dramatic period of our past, so that, as the saying goes, "similar events can never happen again”.

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