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"She Moves Us" becomes part of the calendar at the international event Fuorisalone del Mobile: a workshop on sustainable creativity, inspired by the AC Milan brand

As part of the Milan Design Week, AC Milan and PUMA are proud to present She Moves Us, an initiative dedicated to the shared values that distinguish both brands: innovation, creativity, inclusion and nurturing young talent.

The two icons of sport and leisure have organised a workshop in Milan for Friday 10 September. Students from three local universities - NABA (Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti), IED and IUAD - have been invited to participate under the supervision of three fashion designers: Joelle Pomioli, Tega Akinola and Giorgia Andreazza. Three classes of students will be tasked with creating stadium items - bags, scarves or pillow bags - inspired by the AC Milan brand, a synonym for elegance and style on a global level, and its historic red and black jersey.

Nicole McLaughlin, one of the foremost designers in the world and a pioneer of sports upcycling, is also involved in the project. She has been able to combine sustainability and creativity, such as in her most recent works for PUMA. Just as McLaughlin has created jackets and brassieres from simple gloves or boots, the students will have to reimagine the red and black jersey as a stadium item. The aim is to produce pieces that unite tradition and progress, much like the design of the AC Milan jersey does as it has modernised the stripes to reflect the ever-changing city of Milan, celebrating its connection to the world of design.

The event will also see the participation of AC Milan Women players in order to inspire the students to create something unique and to underpin the duty of the two brands in the promotion of creativity and social inclusion, in line with PUMA's global She Moves Us campaign, which was created to celebrate women that have promoted culture and sport. The workshop will be held on the square outside the Club's modern headquarters - Casa Milan (Via Aldo Rossi 8). Making use of this new wave of sports upcycling, PUMA and AC Milan want to create renewed value around the outstanding design element in football, during the week when design is at the heart of every event in the city.

She Moves Us, organised with the support of nss factory, is being made part of the calendar of the Milan Design Week, which is a series of events celebrating Milan as a city of design before being a city of fashion. As part of the of the Alpha District at the Fuorisalone week, therefore, there is also room for sport, which is assuming an increasingly off-field outlook in order to draw closer to other sectors. Various prizes will be distributed among the projects, which will involve 30 participants. The judge's prize will be awarded by Nicole McLaughlin, while nss sports will award a prize via a social competition taking place on Instagram and AC Milan. Furthermore, the Club will offer an internship at the Company - in the Marketing Department - to one student, whose creation stands out for its originality and reinterpretation of the AC Milan brand.

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