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57,000 fans (13,000 from abroad) at the stadium, 100 countries tuning in, 13 Champions League trophies on the pitch. An iconic match between two global brands

The big day is approaching. The date is circled in red on the calendars of over 500 million AC Milan fans worldwide. San Siro, Milan, Tuesday 7 December 2021, 21:00 CET: AC Milan v Liverpool. The upcoming showdown on matchday six in Group B of the Champions League will be the first time the two sides have ever met at the Scala del Calcio. It’ll be a decisive showdown for Coach Pioli’s men as they aim to continue their journey in Europe’s most prestigious club competition. The match pits together two glorious clubs that, when considered together, have been involved in 20 Champions League finals and won the trophy on 13 occasions. AC Milan and Liverpool are two giants in the world of football, historic and forward-thinking clubs that, between them, have more than one billion fans (data from Nielsen, ed.) across the globe.

Very few tickets remain for the clash, with around 3100 Liverpool fans and more than 13,000 Rossoneri supporters from outside of Italy set to make their way to Milan. Indeed, the Diavolo will be cheered on by over 150 nationalities, mostly from Switzerland, France, Germany, Israel, Albania and the United Kingdom. The eyes of the entire sporting world will be on Milan, with more then 100 countries, 23 TV cameras, 40 photographers and 120 accredited journalists set to be involved.

In addition to the well-established and globally recognised Liverpool brand, there’s also the strong and renewed appeal of AC Milan, with the Club having made great strides forward in this regard over the past 24 months. This is thanks to on-the-pitch results and the Rossoneri’s return to the Champions League, as well as the work that has been done off the field.

The fact that AC Milan is currently (first 14 matchdays) the strongest football brand in Italy and the strongest Italian brand in the strategic markets of the USA and China is testament to this. This was revealed in the recent analysis published by YouGov Italia - the Italian branch of the renowned global market research company - which compiled this special ranking. A clear global strategic vision and a drive towards innovation are contributing to the development of the AC Milan brand to its fullest potential across the globe, all the while ensuring the involvement of fans, enhancing the Club’s reputation among key stakeholders and generating new opportunities for partners.

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