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On the occasion of the match against Napoli, in collaboration with Davide Locatelli and Andrea Mazzantini, AC Milan wanted to get a present for the fans and the club itself

On the occasion of AC Milan's 122nd anniversary, the Club prepared a special gift to its fans with a tribute to Tony Renis and Massimo Guantini, authors of the historic anthem that has accompanied the Rossoneri's Sundays at the stadium for many years. And so, before AC Milan v Napoli, the music video of the remix of the anthem "Milan, Milan" will be shown on the big screens. The anthem will be remixed in a modern key by the pianist and composer Davide Locatelli together with DJ&Producer Andrea Mazzantini, aka Mazay, who have created this version by playing and mixing the melodies in the square outside of Casa Milan, all whilst images of some historical evenings and unforgettable victories thanks to some of AC Milan's greatest legends were projected onto the side of the headquarters itself.

In addition, the remix of "Milan, Milan" played during the pre-match build-up at AC Milan v Napoli will be even more of an experience thanks to the choreography proposed by the Club in collaboration with Banco BPM, historical partner of the Club: placed on their seats, AC Milan fans will find a red sticker to hold over the flashlight on their phone, to create a fiery atmosphere and celebrate AC Milan's birthday.

This initiative summarises the current evolutionary path of the AC Milan brand, which rests its foundations on a legendary heritage, while projecting itself into the future: a brand that focuses on innovation, to engage fans and be an example among the most modern clubs in sport, entertainment and lifestyle.

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