12 April 2024


A new way to experience the beautiful game: a unique experience among Europe's footballing élite with glamourous hospitality, services of excellence, with seats right by the pitch

In Milan, the international capital of fashion, design, and innovation, which has always set global style standards, AC Milan presents a new exclusive stadium experience that overturns the perspective of experiencing football emotions: the "Club 1899 Front Row Experience".

A first-ever for a top European Club, this initiative solidifies AC Milan's ongoing commitment to creating new and unforgettable experiences: immersed in the newly redesigned exclusive areas of the stadium by the Rossoneri Club - amid glamorous atmospheres and refined settings with high-end services, like a private concierge – the "Front Row Experience" allows guests to feel the adrenaline and emotions of the match from an unparalleled perspective, the closest ever to the San Siro pitch.

Personalized welcome, exclusive hospitality in reserved settings, to await kick-off with taste and charm, experiencing for the first time the players' warm-up on the field. From the sound of cleats as the players enter the field, the concentration and rituals of the protagonists before kickoff, to the tackles, dribbles, glances, and plays of the champions, as well as the tension, the joy of the athletes, and strategies of the coaches, the new "Front Row Experience" truly places guests at the center of the match, transforming them into true protagonists, comfortably enjoying the spectacle of the game from a "golden bench".

Maikel Oettle, Chief Commercial Officer of AC Milan, commented: "The Club 1899 Front Row Experience represents the sublimation of passion. For those who live with style and constantly seek excitement - who are always protagonists and not spectators - we want to share a new exclusive experience that combines entertainment, lifestyle culture, luxury, and innovation. Through the Front Row Experience, our Club, ambassador of Milan and Italy worldwide, reaffirms itself as the must-visit destination for football lovers and those seeking a front row lifestyle." Oettle added, "A unique experience that testifies to AC Milan's innovative spirit and global icon role, capable of inspiring, exciting, and engaging millions of fans worldwide, every day."

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