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Giulia's emotional farewell to many Rossonero legends

On 13 May 2012, at the age of 12, I finally got to live my dream: going to San Siro for an AC Milan match! San Siro was immense, I was awestruck as I made my way to the turnstiles. The moment I stepped into the stadium I was hit by a wave of colours and chants. The field, the fans, and, above all, the idols I'd followed with passion were almost within reach. My first time happened to coincide with the last time for many historic Rossoneri: GattusoNestaSeedorfvan BommelZambrotta and Inzaghi! As fate would have it, SuperPippo scored the winning goal against Novara on that occasion. I burst into tears of joy. Those were the emotions only such a legendary team could give: this is AC Milan! 

by Giulia Mazzoleni

That match was our version of the "The Last Dance", thousands of Rossoneri fans i tears biding farewell to those legends. Pippo's winner was the cherry on top of a memorable day.

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