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Elia shares his joy at going to San Siro for the first time and seeing his beloved Prince

Back in August 2011, my father bought two tickets to the Trofeo Berlusconi, and it was my first time at San Siro. I couldn’t wait to see that game. As soon as I set foot inside the stadium, I felt all the excitement, the fans were chanting… it gave me goosebumps; it’s something I can’t describe, my heart was racing because I was in love with AC Milan.

I was wearing Boateng’s shirt, my idol, and he was the one to break the deadlock 9 minutes into the game: it was incredible. I will forever thank my father for raising me as a Milanista, I am honoured to be a Rossonero, I couldn’t have asked for anything better.

My love for these colours will never fade. I will forever be a loyal Milanista, in good and bad times. 

by Elia Azzalin

That was a truly wonderful goal by Boateng, what a delightful first time it must have been for you. It is because of passionate fans like you that our AC Milan is truly great!

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Share those memories with us.

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