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The day Gabriele met Pierino Prati, football idol of a lifetime

Are we born Milanisti? Or do we become Rossoneri as children, thanks to a sticker? In my case a sticker of Pierino Prati, from the 1968/67 season. Pierino, known as "the pest", is my idol, I had all his posters, he was my dream when I was a kid. The Scudettos and the cups, the joy and tears. I'd never met him in person though.

Then just over a year ago, as I was nearing my 60th birthday and he was a bit older, it happened. We were in Caprarica, near Lecce, and Pierino "the pest" was observing the youngsters at a local club. I was most excited to meet my idol! I hugged him, took a photo with him and of course got his autograph! That was an incredible moment for me!

by Gabriele De Blasi

Even after being apart from your sports icon for quite some years, the immense emotion you felt when you finally met Pierino is evident from your words. Made up of memoirs and great passions related to the memories of our AC Milan!

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