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In 1973, Rivera and Chiarugi star on an unforgettable afternoon for Mario

The first time I experienced the joy of seeing my beloved AC Milan and my old Gianni Rivera was 21 April 1973. I remember all the excitement from that day. During the rainy trek to the stadium I had calmly been looking around, it was my first time and I knew it would be unforgettable, and so it was. We were playing at Lazio and were down 2-nil at half time. Then, as the sun started to shine, the Rossoneri finally stepped up. Rivera pulled one back and I exploded with joy! The team continued to press forward with their swashbuckling play and then Chiarugi scored the equalizer! The aftermath of the game wasn’t the greatest for us Rossoneri, but that is when my 50-year-long love for this club truly started!

by Mario Fusaro

An unforgettable afternoon, Mario, a fantastic comeback and the chance to see your idol, Rivera, score! That season might not have brought us a Scudetto, but you've certainly not been lacking causes for celebration supporting AC Milan.

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