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Celebrating the win over Barcelona on her birthday: Monia's memories

First game at San Siro: AC Milan 2-0 Barcelona, 20 February 2013. It also happened to be my 18th birthday. I got to meet Stephan El Shaarawy (my favourite player!), it was an indescribable experience, almost bewildering. That day my love for the club bloomed like a flower, and since then I’ve felt an insatiable craving for AC Milan. So much so, I tattooed that fateful day on my skin, inside a heart. From that day on, I’ve never missed a derby. I love football, I love going to the stadium but, above all else, I love AC Milan. 

by Monia Tonet

What a great day to fall in love with AC Milan, a day worth cherishing forever. An stunning home win against one of the toughest opponents around: unforgettable!

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