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A night to remember at San Siro for Fabiano

09/08/2006. I was 14 and was in Milan with my family the day the Rossoneri made their Champions League debut. My father had surprised me with tickets for the Curva Sud. I couldn’t believe it, I had already been to San Siro but this would be my first time in the Curva and at such a big game! My first time in the Curva Sud was an emotional roller-coaster: I’d never felt so deeply Milanista before. I was there with my dad and 69,998 Rossoneri hearts. The match was decided by a young lad who’d turned 33 that evening, a World Champion who’d give us a lot of satisfaction that season. To paraphrase Nick Hornby, life was never as perfect as during that August win, with 11 heroes on the field and a 12th sitting beside me in the stands. 

di Fabiano Moscatelli

Who could have imagined that a "simple" qualifying match would be our first step towards glory that season? That match against Red Star was an appetizer we'll never forget. 

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