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AC Milan have reached one million subscribers on their YouTube channel, thanks to the highest growth in subscribers recorded in the current season among all the Serie A clubs

AC Milan have reached one million subscribers on its official YouTube channel: an important milestone for the club, reached live on stream with the Rossoneri fans during the "Live reaction", a Twitch format also shown on YouTube for the first time on the night of the big match on matchday 23 of Serie A between AC Milan and Juventus.

The channel has experienced exponential growth since the beginning of the current football season, recording a 31% increase in subscribers, which is the highest growth among all Serie A teams with a total of 167 thousand new subscribers. Moreover, it has seen a 36% increase in views which is a number four times greater than the same figure in 2018. The number of subscribers on YouTube is also growing steadily, a channel through which, since mid-October, users have been able to access exclusive content such as live press conferences, weekly training sessions and the many behind-the-scenes specials following the Rossoneri's teams. This content is all in addition to the steady flow of content already available to all AC Milan fans around the world, including the exclusive interview for Zlatan Ibrahimovic's 40th birthday, one of the most viewed videos this season with over 600,000 views.

The achievement of reaching one million subscribers on the YouTube channel reflects the efforts undertaken by the Club in its path of innovation and digitalisation, which truly got going last year with the launch of the new Studios, an important asset for the Club for the internal production of multimedia content for the various Rossoneri channels. In sphere, AC Milan has established itself on the most popular social media platforms in the last two and a half years in order to communicate and engage more effectively with the over 500 million Rossoneri fans around the world. These include TikTok and the Chinese short video platform Kuaishou - launched in December 2021, bringing its presence to the Chinese market on eight social media platforms - but above all its own Twitch channel, currently the most followed among those of Serie A teams and among the best in Europe. In addition, the Rossoneri have created AQM, their own eSports team in partnership with QLASH, and formed partnerships with companies that perfectly embody the club's desire to connect with its fans in an innovative way such as Google, Apple and Tidal. Thanks to all these initiatives, AC Milan was the strongest brand in Serie A according to a study published this December by YouGov, an authoritative market research and analysis company.

Reaching the one million mark on YouTube further conveys the Club's commitment to the digital sphere and fully reflects its vision and desire to position itself as a leader in shaping the future on and off the pitch.

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