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The fans will be able to interact with players and legends on a state-of-the-art digital platform

AC Milan has officially announced that the club will join hands with its official partners to launch our first China Digital Summer Tour in the Club's history on 25 August. This summer, we invite you to cross the clouds for a Rossoneri adventure.

This will be a truly exceptional journey for AC Milan and the Rossoneri. AC Milan is the first Serie A club to organize a digital summer tour and build a digital village for fans. In this village, the Club plans to provide immersive digital experiences for millions of our Chinese Rossoneri. Fans will have a chance to interact with players and legends on this brand-new digital platform, including taking photos and collecting autographs, listening in to players’ conversations, touring Milan landmarks, and playing creative games. In addition, AC Milan will prepare generous gifts for its fans, including limited-edition customized merchandise.

According to Nielsen (2019), AC Milan has the second biggest fanbase in China. Milan was one of the first European football clubs to visit China and ever since this first visit in 1994, the Club has always had a close connection with its Chinese fans. We have left our footprints in many cities, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Nanjing, Chengdu, Hong Kong. The deep Chinese culture will combine with the passion and elegance of AC Milan this summer. The Club is looking forward to strengthening its relationship with Chinese fans, media and partners by offering them this unique experience.

At the end of 2019, AC Milan celebrated its 120th anniversary. With more than one hundred years of history, AC Milan has been showing the world its core values: excellence, passion, elegance and teamwork. The sudden pandemic has changed AC Milan's plan of visiting China this year, however, with this new new digital platform, AC Milan can share our core values, breaking the boundaries by football, and fulfilling the promise for the Rossoneri.

Beyond the oceans, across the clouds, we look forward to meeting you on our Digital Summer Tour.

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