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Losing the derby did not knock the confidence from a group that has been immense so far, now on to Udinese

A high-stakes derby, with a tricky landing after an otherwise safe journey. In other words: AC Milan were outplayed by Inter in the end, playing equally for much of the match. The seventh matchday was the crucial crossroads to determine who goes top of the Under-15 league, because the Rossoneri and Nerazzurri shared the lead having collected 18 points. The maximum points available, practically perfection, and in addition to the six victories an extraordinary goal average was also outstanding.

The 2-1 win at the PUMA House of Football revealed the teams' values and strengths. In the end, in a season in which the verdict of the game - negative as well as positive - will never be more important than the performance, the collective and individual growth, Coach Bertuzzo remained grounded in saying: "We'll restart from here. It's a pity, but we gave a good performance, paying for some mistakes and not capitalising on some opportunities. This is normal".

The AC Milan coach, also having to give up some players in the lead up to the match, found no excuses, going so far as to admit: "They deserved to win, creating more especially in the last minutes; the 2-1 was lucky, but they could have scored more. The substitutions allowed them to gain something extra. We, on the other hand, lowered our quality, losing the game. This group has quality, in some ways still unexpressed: we will work on it, we need patience".

Now the U15s will be awaited by Udinese and Südtirol, with the aim of staying in the hunt so they can get to the halfway mark in the best possible form. The Christmas break is just around the corner, time to put new fuel into a very encouraging season so far.

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