03 September 2023


Career and characteristics: an X-ray of our final capture in the market

The tenth. Just before the gong, AC Milan managed to capture Luka Jović as well. Born in Loznica on 23 December 1997, the Serbian attacker was the icing on the cake of a market that the Rossoneri have starred in. The club has identified, in the former Fiorentina striker, the right profile to complete the pool of centre-forwards, given the departures of Colombo and Origi. “He has talent and quality, I expect him to be determined, willing and happy,’ said Pioli regarding his arrival. An internationally renowned player, an asset to his national team with whom he participated in the 2018 and 2022 World Cups, with a career at the highest level, a great connoisseur of European football and already accustomed to Serie A.

182cm, 75kg, right-footed, Jović has clear and important qualities.  His main hunting ground, as the role demands, is the penalty area: he is good at occupying optimal shooting positions, calculated in his movements not only to finish but also to open up space for his teammates, strong in the air and with bundles of technical ability that allow him to make the difference. Luka is tasked with scoring but he doesn't limit himself to this, by nature he also tends to drop deeper, to receive and play the ball; besides being a finisher, he knows how to be a source of play.

His career started off close to home, in the youth ranks of Red Star. In Belgrade, he rose through the ranks until his first-team debut in May 2014. Then in February 2016, he made his first transfer, moving to Benfica. In Portugal, he did not play much, although he did get a taste of the Champions League. He also collected a lot of silverware: two championships, a League Cup, a Cup and a Portuguese Super Cup. In June 2017, he arrived at Eintracht Frankfurt, so far the longest and most positive chapter: 93 matches, 40 goals and 10 assists. Two full seasons, winning a German Cup and strong numbers (also in the Europa League).

In June 2019, the move to Real Madrid. In Spain he found some success but never consistently, struggling to make a real impact and returning to Eintracht on loan in January 2021. His returns to Eintracht and subsequently Real were brief, but in any case, he won a Champions League, two Championships and two Spanish Super Cups in the Blancos shirt. Finally, he signed for Fiorentina in July 2022. In Italy, he has shown signs of recovery: 50 appearances and 13 goals. The keyword will be ‘redemption’ at AC Milan, supported by a group and environment, the real Jović can shine. 

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