fondazione-milan24 April 2020


The Rossoneri non-profit organization partners with Milan's Municipality to help families in need

After the first phase of fundraising that has collected over €600,000 relief funds for Areu to support health care activities in Lombardy, Fondazione Milan has launched a new campaign. The Rossoneri non-profit organization has joined Milano Aiuta and Milan's Municipality's program to donate food to the city's families in need in this emergency moment. The initiative is part of the Food Aid Program based on ten hubs that distribute food packages in the districts.

The goal is to support and to give a concrete help those families, often with dependent minors, in need in Milan's area.

The pandemic that Milan, Italy and the whole world are facing has put a strain on the economic resources of families already in difficulty. This is why the great solidarity and generosity of the Rossoneri community is not stopping and carries on helping those affected by this emergency not only from a medical and health point of view.

The campaign is active on the following link:

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