fondazione-milan03 November 2020


The inauguration of the structure, attended by Fondazione Milan president Scaroni, the councilwoman Galimberti, the school principal Rossi, and Limonta Sport, is a strong message of hope for young people

The works for the sports ground at the Istituto Comprensivo Statale "Alda Merini" in via Gallarate 15 in Milan, were finalised at the end of the last school year, consistently with the deadline foreseen.

Today's inauguration of the multipurpose sports ground is a strong sign of hope for the future of young people, students and kids from the neighborhood who are once again strongly impacted with reference to their opportunities to socialise and to practice sports.

The president of Fondazione Milan, Paolo Scaroni, the councilwoman for Education Laura Galimberti, the school principal Angelo Lucio Rossi, and Emilio Ostinelli manager at Limonta Sport met in the same place where the first stone was laid in February whilst respecting the safety and social distancing rules.

A 5-a-side pitch and a multisport playground were built thanks to the works carried out in Milan as part of the project "In gioco per il futuro", in collaboration with Milan's Municipality and Limonta Sport, the Italian leading company in the production and installation of artificial and hybrid turf systems.

These spaces are ready to welcome the pupils of the Istituto "Alda Merini" and the young people of the district as soon as they are able to meet and practice sports in full safety.

"We need good teachers and suitable places to develop and train grown-ups – said the Chairman of Fondazione Milan Paolo Scaroni -. It's nice to be able to return these areas to the children and their teachers: they effectively become meeting "places" for a future growth, where sporting passion is at the centre of a message of hope that involves everyone. That's why I am proud to have carried out this project alongside important fellow-travellers like the School, the Municipality and Limonta Sport. It was a great team play and we all fielded our skills."

"Once again – commented the councillor for education Laura Galimberti - the synergy between public and private has brought positive results for the city: we are offering fully equipped sports grounds to the girls and boys of the Alda Merini school and, later on, we hope, to many other kids. So that the school can be, especially in this difficult moment, the place where different skills are developed while fostering the positive values of sport and social relations that are so fundamental for the growth of the men and women of tomorrow."

"Limonta Sport has always been involved in social works - explained Francesco Lavorato, Direttore Commerciale Italia at Limonta Sport - and we certainly couldn't say no to this ambitious project. The long partnership with AC Milan dates back to 2004 and we supply both the installation and the maintenance of the pitches both at Milanello and Vismara sports centres. That’s also why Fondazione Milan has chosen us as its technical partner aware that we would use the best cutting-edge technologies to allow the young players to play in total safety on the best pitches fit for high performances."

The two playgrounds at the Istituto Comprensivo "Alda Merini" were only the first two areas refurbished. The project "In gioco per il futuro", also in collaboration with Avanzi – Sostenibilità per Azioni, is ready to face new and future challenges for the urban regeneration of the city.

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