fondazione-milan07 June 2021


Mayor Sala, Alderwoman Galimberti, Fondazione Milan chairman Scaroni, Headmaster Alemani alongside Limonta Sport inaugurated the new sports area that represents a tangible message of hope for young people

The social innovation path included in the initiative "In gioco per il futuro" continues at a high pace. The purpose of the project, backed by Fondazione Milan, in collaboration with the Municipality of Milan and Limonta Sport, is to redevelop blighted urban and sporting areas to transform them into places of real cohesion and social aggregation. 

Today, Milan's Mayor Giuseppe Sala, Alderwoman for education Laura Galimberti, Fondazione Milan chairman Paolo Scaroni, headmaster Clara Lucia Alemani and Emilio Ostinelli for Limonta Sport, the Italian company leader in the development and production of artificial and hybrid grass, inaugurated the multi-purpose sports areas of the Istituto Comprensivo "Bruno Munari" in via Dei Salici 2, in Milan.

The redevelopment resulted in the creation of a multisport basketball and volleyball field, with a new artificial surface, as well as the re-installation of the volleyball baskets and nets and follows the regeneration of the two sports grounds of the Istituto "Alda Merini" that were completed and inaugurated last autumn. Giving new life to buildings and places is, today more than ever, a tangible message of hope for the future generations, students and young people of the districts who, after difficult and complex months, can now return to live moments of socialization and sports practice.


"The basketball-volleyball multisport pitch of the Istituto Comprensivo Bruno Munari we are inaugurating today is a very special sports ground - explained the Mayor of Milan Giuseppe Sala -, because it is designed for children who attend the kindergarten and primary school in via dei Salici and welcomes young people from the associations that collaborate with the school. I wish to thank Fondazione Milan for this space dedicated to the youngest and for having contributed to taking a further step in the implementation of the project “In gioco per il futuro”, which sees us collaborating to improve the sports facilities of some Milanese schools. Sport is key to our children’s healthy growth, both personal and relational. We continue to invest in them and their future because they are the future of our city".

"Returning places of aggregation and socialization to the city and the schools in the area, focusing on the emotions of sport, means making an important step forward for children’s education and growth path of children"  added Fondazione Milan chairman Paolo Scaroni. "Fondazione Milan has always been involved in the local area and is proud to have teamed up with the Municipality, the School and Limonta Sport for this important project which is an actual message of confidence for the future of young people."

"School - said the Councilor for Education Laura Galimberti - must represent, especially in this moment of reconstruction and restart, a place where soft skills are developed and where sociality, that we had to sacrifice for a long time, is encouraged. Our commitment is aimed at increasing this type of initiatives which are the result of a positive collaboration between public and private entities so that the idea of schools open to the neighbourhood becomes more and more concrete, with a view to real community educational pacts."

The "In gioco per il futuro" project is in progress and it envisages further interventions for the redevelopment of the city.

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