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Three goals in each half during the first friendly of the season

The first friendly of the season went down in the books as a big win; lower down on the pitch at Milanello, the Rossoneri beat Pro Sesto 6-0 to open the 2021/22 season. Three goals in the first half and three in the second half, the latter played with an experimental line-up full of Primavera players – Bennacer, Leão, Castillejo, Pobega and Kerkez scored in the final minutes of the game. There were many good signs from the pitch, both from the team and the individuals. We saw a lot of intensity and above all already oiled match tactics, a concept not to be taken for granted for the first match of the year. After this test, at the end of the first ten days of training camp, the Rossoneri have a day off tomorrow and will meet again on Monday for lunch at Milanello, ready to continue training.



The first action of the game came from Leão's header from Castillejo's corner, though Bennacer's left-footed shot from the edge of the box went wide. The Rossoneri were constantly on the offensive lower down on the pitch at Milanello. In the 15th minute it was Krunić's turn to shoot right-footed from the edge of the box but he couldn't find the target. In the 17th minute Castillejo's sprint on the right, laying it off for Sandro's left-footed shot, though an easy save for Del Frate. After staying insistent, eventually the opener came; in the 19th minute, Theo's quick restart after a Pro Sesto corner was cleared to the edge of the box for Bennacer to hit a cracking left-footed shot. In the 22nd minute the second goal came – Maldini played a through ball for Leão, who entered the area and unleashed a great shot at the far post. Castillejo made it three, beating Del Frate in the 38th minute with a left-footer from distance.

The second half saw a change in personnel, with a number of Primavera players taking to the pitch. Capone made the first attempt of the second half with a left-footed shot from the edge of the box that flew over the crossbar. Then Pobega and Hauge, the former left-footed and the latter right-footed, went close to scoring the fourth goal. Capone was once again the main man after receiving a pass in the 69th minute from Colombo, but he couldn't find the goal from close range. Hauge hit the post from the edge of the box in the 70th minute, then Colombo's as well in the 75th minute, but Pobega came on the rebound with a powerful left-footed shot that hit the post (again), but it fell nicely to Fasolini to make it 4-0. Colombo and Capone continued to try to find the way to the net but without any luck. Kerkez made it 5-0 in the 88th minute against Fasolini after a good assist from Pobega. The same Hungarian defender also scored the sixth goal, putting an end to the match with a final result of 6-0.



AC MILAN FIRST HALF (4-2-3-1): Tătăruşanu; Gabbia, Tomori, Romagnoli, Hernández; Tonali, Bennacer; Castillejo, Maldini, Krunić; Leão. 

AC MILAN SECOND HALF (4-2-3-1): Plizzari; Conti, Stanga, Caldara, Kerkez; Di Gesù (68’ Robotti), Pobega; Roback, Capone, Hauge; Colombo. Coach: Pioli. 

PRO SESTO FIRST HALF (4-2-3-1): Del Frate; Giubilato, Caverzasi, Marzupio, Maldini; Gattoni, Marchesi; Motta, Gualdi, Scapuzzi; Capogna. 

PRO SESTO SECOND HALF (4-4-1-1): Serra (67’ Fasolini); Carnevale, Costante, Caverzasi (67’ Marzupio), Della Giovanna; Ferrero, Kone, Beltramini, Gianelli; Scapuzzi (67’ Motta); Grandi. A disp.: Pecorini, Buongiorno, Parrinello. Coach: A. Filippini. 

Referee: Di Graci
Goals: 19' Bennacer (M), 22' Leão (M), 38' Castillejo (M), 75' Pobega (M), 88' Kerkez (M), 90' Kerkez (M). 

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