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The agreement which began in 2016 has been extended for a further three years

The relationship between AC Milan and Scuola Calcio Algeri is set to last for at least six years. The project currently involves 150 children but the objective is for sustained growth.

Yesterday on Wednesday 24 July, delegations from AC Milan including the Marketing & Sales B2C Director Michele Lorusso and International Academies Manager Alessandro Gianni met Sarl Arab Foot represented by President Nedri Karim at Casa Milan to renew the partnership that began in the 2016/17 season and to present the activities planned for the next three years.

In Algeria, football is the national sport and children start playing from a tender age. One of the aims of the renewed partnership is to increase the number of participants by offering high-quality sport for male and female players born between 2005 and 2014. The project will also aim to promote the Milan methodology and create social and sporting benefits for the local area by involving all of the adults who work with the youngsters. In addition, there will be occasional visits from an AC Milan coach who will monitor the organisation and development of Academy events, including the establishment of local resources. Other Milan activities such as the worldwide Scuola Calcio, Camp and Experience will also be promoted in the country.

The programme of sports activities includes three training sessions a week from mid-September to May held at the headquarters of "Foot Five" in Algiers, the country’s capital which, with its approximately 3.5 million inhabitants, is the centre of all of Algeria’s main activities, especially sports.

Today there are 15 International Milan Academies, all part of a fast-growing and continuously expanding project. The “Scuole Calcio Milan” project has over 4,500 children registered around the world. AC Milan and the Academy are always focused on the discovery and development of individuals with coaching talents who can really help to promote the AC Milan methodology, to date there are more than 280 local coaches and 8 official Rossoneri coaches working abroad, each dedicated to specific projects. Le Scuole Calcio Milan also function as important social centres which engage with the communities in which they’re based through the organisation of projects run in conjunction with local institutions.


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