30 November 2022


Stories from the famous magazine with exclusive memories and anecdotes in Milan TV's new segment

Milan Media House presents 'Forza Milan', a new segment with which Francesco Specchia and Luca Serafini will explore the history of the monthly magazine most loved by old Rossoneri hearts. Illustrious guests, memories and anecdotes brought to light from the pen of the man who wrote the articles for Milan's house organ. If you are nostalgic about times gone by, if you are a lover of the 80s and 90s, or if you are curious about these topics, then get ready, because in addition to the articles, we will be reviving the interviews and specials from that period.

Together with Rossoneri fans, we will retrace the years of the greatest AC Milan team of all time and the evolution of corporate communication. Are you curious - for example - to find out how Luca Serafini joined the old and historic editorial staff? Have you ever wondered about the strategies and methods by which Milan acquired its greatest talents? Would you like to know the connection between Maurizio Mosca and Silvio Berlusconi? We have the answers to all these questions and many more. In addition to all this, great guests such as Andrès Guglielminpietro and Paolo Maldini came to visit us in the studio.

Come and join us on Milan TV, which is available on Sky (channel 230), as part of the DAZN schedule or Amazon Prime Video Channels subscription for €3.99 per month with a fifteen-day free trial. The programme will be shown live every evening at 20:15 CET, starting from 1 December to Christmas Day, with episodes on-demand also found on AC Milan's official Youtube channel!

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