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Coach Pioli's words on the eve of AC Milan v Cagliari, our final Serie A clash of the season

The final day of the season is fast approaching. Despite an emphatic victory over Sampdoria, the Rossoneri are no longer in contention for fifth place. AC Milan will finish this season in sixth, but we still have a match on our hands: Zenga's Cagliari will be paying us a visit at San Siro on the back of their 2-0 win over Juventus at the Sardegna Arena. Coach Pioli previewed the match in a press conference at Milanello.

“This needs be central to our work, we’ll only have a very short break given that we’ll be playing in the preliminary stages of the Europa League on 17 September. We’ve worked really hard to find consistency and establish a playing philosophy. Now, we’re consolidating what we’ll need next season. I think that creating a mentality is the most important, complicated and long-lasting aspect. This must provide a foundation from which to work and grow.” 

“I want to thank my staff, which consists of professionals with great substance on a human level. I’d also like to pay tribute to all the Milanello staff, who help us out on a daily basis: here, there’s real passion and a sense of belonging. A great family has been created, I think it’s appropriate to praise the people who allow us to work as best we can. Despite the fact that we’ve done a lot, we still need to try to do even better. The maximum is expected of AC Milan, we need to always be fighting it out for the top positions. I’m sorry that the season is coming to an end, but I think the players need to unwind and recover. The fact that there’s this harmony and desire to work together is highly pleasing, but I’m sure that it will remain the same when we go again next season.”

“Tomorrow, the best AC Milan side will be taking to the pitch. I still don’t know if we’ll play a similar side to the one that lined up in Genoa, I need to assess the fitness levels of some of the players. Rebić won’t be playing and Leão will start. The team will be a competitive one, there will be a few changes but everyone is ready: all the players have already shown that they’re able to make a contribution. We’ll be playing to win and achieve personal gratification. Cagliari will put in a really good performance and won’t make things easy for us. We are motivated and have a duty and the desire to finish the season in the best possible way.”

“Many have improved, I knew that I had a quality squad available to me from the beginning. The game played by the team has allowed individuals to develop, while, at the same time, the growth of individuals has allowed the team to play in a certain way. We’ve been excellent in 2020, and now we need to finish well. I know that I’m asking a lot of the players and we’re slightly fatigued mentally and physically. Sixth place won’t be our objective next year, we’ll be aiming higher.”

“We need to continue to work in this manner and think about improving in order to achieve the important objectives that we have in mind for next season. The thing that I most liked about Ismaël’s words is that he’s enjoyed himself. It means that we’ve worked well and need to continue on this path.”

“I think that there are some youngsters who should be part of the squad next year, not only to fill gaps but in order to ensure that they’re ready to play. They deserve to have faith placed in them and get time out on the pitch, we’ll also be counting on them next season.”

“Greetings to all our fans, both in Italy and throughout the world. Thank you to those who have lent their support in the stadium, we’re sorry that we weren’t able to spend this great period of the season together. I know that there’s plenty of enthusiasm, and I know that the new shirt has brought great joy. I hope to see our fans as soon as possible: with them by our side, we’ll be even stronger.”

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