press-conference02 August 2021


The French striker's presentation press conference from Milanello

He's just arrived but has already left his mark, quickly settling into the group and scoring a debut strike in the Rossoneri's friendly away to Nice. An important and much sought-after signing, it's now time for Olivier Giroud's official unveiling at Milanello. His presentation press conference was broadcasted live on the AC Milan Official App, YouTube and Milan TV.


"I dreamt of playing in the Premier League, and I won a lot there, but it was the right time to say goodbye to Chelsea and end that adventure, so I could discover another league and another country. I think AC Milan was the best thing that could have happened to me, I was very warmly welcomed by all here. I believe in destiny and that it was destined for me to play for this Club. When I was a kid I used to look up to the top players at Arsenal, the French National Team, and AC Milan. I think it's a blessing to wear this Club’s shirt, just like the legends Papin and Shevchenko, a friend with whom I have often spoken about my future. When I was a kid I used to watch van Basten play, one of the many legends of this Club. The first time I spoke on FaceTime with Paolo Maldini I felt the importance of the moment, like a dream coming true”.


"I'm here to leave my mark, like at every club I've played for, to make sure I can be remembered. I want to win trophies with AC Milan, that's why I'm here. I have my own goals, but I won't say them so there’s no added pressure. I came here to give my best. AC Milan is one of the most important clubs in Europe, which is trying to get back to the top of European football. I really believe in this project, and I think we have the quality to do well in the Champions League. I will bring my experience to help the team and all the young players here. I'm very happy to have this opportunity”.


"Concentration is fundamental in all sports, and in football as well. I would like to contribute by helping the youngsters in this team to grow and express their potential. I would like to be a kind of big brother to them, it’s something I did at Arsenal and Chelsea too. ‘No pain no gain' is my philosophy, if you don't suffer you can't play. People remember you as a great footballer but above all as a nice person. That's why I want to bring great professionalism to the team. I will give my best and try to get the most out of my teammates, like Ibra does, he’s very demanding of himself and his teammates. I think that's the right attitude not just in sport, but also in life, and it's something I will try to bring to this team".


"It's a great honour to be able to play alongside a player like him, but it's up to the coach to decide. I'm here to bring my experience and quality. I think we could complement each other, with a player like him it's not difficult to understand each other. It's a topic that I imagine many are interested in, I'm ready to adapt to whatever comes. Zlatan plays a lot as a playmaker, developing the game, but the question is not about Ibrahimović and Giroud; I am very happy with my teammates and there are many top players in this squad. The decision, however, will be up to Coach Pioli, I feel that both of us will bring a lot to the team."


"I don't feel like an extra option, the Coach will decide who will play. I'm here with humility, I want to play as many games as possible. The management believes in me and in my qualities, they brought me here because they think I can help the team".


"I'm not superstitious at all. I think playing well or not well doesn't depend on the number on your back. I think I can handle the pressure that comes with wearing the number nine shirt, worn by Club Champions like Inzaghi, van Basten or Papin. It's an honour, a responsibility I feel, and I'll do my best to make the fans proud”. 


"There’s always critics, I don't think there’s any athlete who gets 100% support from everyone. It's something you have to deal with every day, I rely on my mental strength to try to turn criticism into positive energy. It's true, I've often heard that I'm underrated, but I don't need to read the newspapers or look at social media to know if I've played well. To do that I just have to listen to those close to me; my goal at AC Milan is to do well and make the fans happy."

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