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The Club will be using the flexible and green mobility solutions offered by Avis throughout Italy and Europe

AC Milan and Avis Italia partner to boost smart, green and zero-emissions mobility. Under the partnership signed in 2019, Avis Italia supplies hybrid-powered vehicles for the transport of the Club’s players, staff and equipment in Italy and abroad.

AC Milan sees Avis Italia as the ideal partner to convey a message of environmental sustainability, for the benefit of future generations; a cultural, technological and infrastructural challenge. In fact, over the last few years, one goal of Avis Italia has been to use innovative and flexible solutions to offer a new model of integrated mobility and provide an eco-friendly and financially sustainable transport ecosystem to meet customer requirements. Thanks to the progressive growth of the fleet of hybrid and electric vehicles and to exclusive partnerships, including the one signed with AC Milan, Avis Italia is now a leader in the advanced mobility sector with forward-looking mobility solutions. It is therefore contributing to the development of smarter and safer cities by improving traffic flow and parking efficiency, whilst offering a more enjoyable way of driving cars and increasing sustainable mobility.

"Innovation, ambition and attention to sustainable development for new generations are the key values behind the joint path  that we as a Club have undertaken with Avis Italia, an attentive and competent partner for AC Milan" - said Casper Stylsvig, AC Milan Chief Revenue Officer

"We are particularly happy to cement the partnership with a top-class brand like AC Milan" - commented Gianluca Testa, Managing Director Southern Europe Avis Budget Group. "This is a journey we undertook together in 2019 and that sees us teaming up to foster our flexible, innovative and increasingly green mobility ecosystem."

Under the deal, 'Cuore Rossonero' cardholders can apply for an Avis loyalty card for free with a dedicated promotional code valid for rentals in Italy and abroad.

Finally, as part of the partnership, AC Milan and Avis Italia will be producing emotional content featuring Rossoneri ambassadors to talk about the shared values and the most important steps in the history of two brands - another innovative way to engage the Club's supporters and all sports enthusiasts and share key messages around an increasingly green and eco-sustainable society.

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