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A special delivery for the AC Milan players from BMW at Milanello: the new BMW XM on its first official outing

Yesterday afternoon the Milanello Training Centre hosted a special event between AC Milan and BMW Italy, the Rossoneri's Automotive Partner. A fleet of 25 different BMW Italia branded cars were lined up on the pitch, ready to be handed over to the players. 

Symbolically handing over the cars to team captain Davide Calabria, and the rest of Stefano Pioli's team, was Massimiliano Di Silvestre, Managing Director of BMW Italy, proud to have been alongside AC Milan for two years: "We always say that the BMW Group is different from others because we have a very ambitious goal: we exist to move body, heart and mind. And we are here with you today because we have shared this ambition for the last two years, through our extraordinary products (like the new BMW XM that you are seeing exclusively today) which embody our vision of the mobility of the future, and you through the emotions that the game of football can express at the highest level."

"But," he continued, "there is so much more. We share the same values too. Appreciating 'hard work,' having strict discipline, making sacrifices, training together to achieve a common goal; respecting commitments, rules, teammates and opponents. And above all, doing it with passion. Questioning oneself, always striving for the best, having the desire to improve, to dream of more challenging goals and then to achieve them".

"Today's event," highlighted Paolo Scaroni, AC Milan President, "is a renewed confirmation of a successful partnership between two global brands, outstanding in their respective fields, synonymous with success and style. It is also a pleasure to be able to admire the new XM exclusively, in person. A car that reminds me so much of AC Milan: elegant, powerful, young and innovative, but above all the result of great teamwork. The partnership between AC Milan and BMW Italy continues, Scaroni recalled, through the sharing of a strategic vision and common values, looking to the future with optimism and ambition, always trying to excite our passionate supporters".

Among the selection of cars was the new BMW XM, the star of the event and the latest automotive gem produced and presented by the German manufacturer. Also on show were the other cars chosen by the players, including the prestigious BMW X5, BMW X6 and BMW iX.

Olivier Giroud was also among those who received a set of keys. The French striker, on the sidelines of the special event organised by the two partners, said: "My car keys are always with me! I am a big fan of sports cars: I like the roar of the engine, it gives me adrenalin, I can have the same feeling as when I score a goal in front of our fans. I don't go too fast, but when I can I really enjoy driving and BMW is the perfect car to get behind the wheel in a comfortable and dynamic way. I am happy to have chosen the BMW iX, which combines great performance with respect for the environment". 

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