02 March 2023


Clivet has contributed to the restyling of the Home of the AC Milan Youth Sector and Women's First Team to ensure maximum comfort

AC Milan's partner Clivet, a reference company for the European air-conditioning market, has been among the main influences of the renovation of the Sports Centre where the Women's First Team and all the Youth Sector teams train every day. There have been interventions aimed at the design of the system to ensure the well-being of the people and the environment.

PUMA House of Football, which boasts seven pitches, three of which are full-sized, has become more functional thanks to the recent restyling that involved indoor areas of the building, including the offices, the video area, the medical and physiotherapy area and the gym, which has also been completely renovated thanks to the help of Clivet.

The Venetian company installed two full inverter air-to-water heat pumps, one hot water heat pump and one rooftop heat pump.

This important project further consolidates Clivet's role as Air Conditioning & Air Quality Partner of AC Milan, demonstrating how common values such as passion, excellence and innovation can unite worlds as seemingly distant as sport and industry.

Attention to health and air quality, which have always been a must for AC Milan, is not being overlooked.

Andrea De Piccoli, Presales & Technical Support Manager for Clivet, who followed the two projects at Milanello and the PUMA House of Football, commented: "We are proud that a team that always aims at excellence like AC Milan has chosen Clivet to guarantee its athletes well-being, comfort and air quality. In fact, our products have contributed to creating a healthy and comfortable environment, which is essential to guarantee the performance of the players".

Angelo Carbone, Head of AC Milan's Youth Sector, underlined this, saying: "As a Club, we are attentive to all aspects that can contribute to the all-round well-being of our young athletes and the Women's First Team. The PUMA House of Football has the ambition of being an avant-garde centre that can meet every technical, sporting and health requirement to guarantee the best conditions in which to train and improve one's performance. In Clivet we have found a valuable partner to work with".

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