18 November 2023


The Swede scores right away, the Blucerchiate equalise through a penalty

The ending was bitter for the Rossonere who now count their second league draw in a row after the last game against Sassuolo. Against Sampdoria result was the same, 1-1, and the action wasn't much different: going ahead immediately and the visitor's equaliser, then many chances right at the end that don't go in. Asllani's 7th-minute goal promised celebrations for the Rossonere, looking to get back to winning ways after missing out on three points for two games now (Fiorentina and Sassuolo). Taty's penalty in the 70th minute complicated things and the Sampdoria goalkeeper, Tampieri, walked away having made two massive saves.

So, another draw that doesn't do much for the table or morale, head of the derby next Saturday at the Arena Civica. The team knew how to react to the visitor's equaliser and created a number of chances to go back in front, but it wasn't enough. Sampdoria created little but managed to capitalise on their one chance in the second half. Disappointment about the result that could have been different and that the Rossonere will only get a point towards their tally in the table.


There wasn't even time to figure the game out before the Rossonere went ahead. The opener came in the 7th minute from Asllani, well taken in the area after a cross from deep from Grimshaw that Kosse couldn't tip over the crossbar to avoid the 1-0. After finding the opening goal, our side (with Cordone in charge given Ganz's suspension) kept developing the game, hoping to double the lead with two more chances. In the 31st minute, Bergamaschi received the ball in a central position and tried one from distance, but it flew high. The build-up play down the right ends, with Guðný picking out Dompig in the area in the 31st minute, but the number 99's header was just wide. Sampdoria waited and almost equalised in the 39th minute when Re's free-kick flies over the defensive wall but just misses the net.

The restart stared with the visitors turning up the pressure, which resulted in Giuliani coming out to intervene in the 53rd minute. AC Milan responded with a good move from Aslanni who is fed by Mascarello but doesn't manage to find the right pass to Dompig. The game was back under Rossonere control, with them winning 4 corners in the space of a few minutes and going close to doubling the lead with a deflection on Chanté. Sampdoria equalised in the 70th minute through a penalty given for a foul from Piga su Taty: the same Blucerchiate player beat Giuliani from the spot to make it 1-1. The Rossonere created many chances in the last half hour of play, but Tampieri made two incredibile saves on attempts from Árnadóttir and Dompig. In inury-time, the Rossonere continued to be dangerous, producing another two chances for Guðný and Stašková, but the result is final.



AC MILAN (4-3-3): Giuliani; Árnadóttir, Swaby, Piga, Guagni; Grimshaw (88' Stašková), Mascarello (63' Vigilucci), Cernoia (63' Adami); Bergamaschi (78' Laurent), Dompig, Asllani. Subs: Babb; Fusetti, Thrige; Soffia; Marinelli. Coach: Cordone (Ganz suspended).

SAMPDORIA: (4-5-1): Tampieri; De Rita, Pisani, Re, Oliviero; Giordano, Huchet, Benoit, Schatzer, Cuschieri (81' Heroum); Taty. Subs: Karresmaa, Kitson; Battelani, Bragonzi, Rosignoli, Sondergaard, Tarenzi. Coach: Mango. 

Referee: Allegretta di Molfetta.
Goal: 7' Asllani (M), 70' pen. Taty (S).
Booked: 15' Re (S), 47' Grimshaw (M), 69' Piga (M).

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