12 May 2024


Ahead from an own goal, AC Milan were chased down by Chmielinski at the death

The last away day of the season ended in a draw. Good from AC Milan who went ahead thanks to an own goal from an unlucky Galazzi, only to be chased down in the final moments by Chmielinski. It ended 1-1 in Naples. The Rossonere commanded and managed the game, going close to doubling the lead, but the one-goal lead allowed the Azzurre to stay in the game and pull out a piece of magic to unexpectedly equalise at the death, vital for their position in the table. There was no danger in the air and this time, unlike in the other three clashes this season, the final moments of the match didn't bring good fortunes to the Rossonere. 

AC Milan tried to snatch a deserved three points right up to the final whistle. The draw - second in a row away from home - leaves us with some regrets for how the game developed but also comes against a Napoli side with more to fight for. Pomigliano's defeat in the other game at the same time secured the Campania side's penultimate position and the chance to play for safety. The Rossonere jump to 38 points. The unbeaten run continues, now on 9 games, after our 7 wins and 2 draws. Now there is one game between us and the end of the season, on Saturday 18 May at 18:00 CEST, the Rossonere will host Sampdoria at the PUMA House of Football. Come on, girls! 


Rossonere ruled the opening. The first chance came after only 3 minutes with the Asllani-Dompig duo, the latter's shot was blocked by Bacic. The opener came in the 11th minute: a dangerous cross from Cernoia and an unfortunate touch from Gallazzi deflected it into the net, an own goal making it 1-0 for AC Milan. The Rossonere kept pushing and almost doubled their lead in the 13th minute with shots from Dubcová and Asllani both saved, whilst in the 17th minute Napoli tried to get back into it with a weak and imprecise header from Del Estal. All-out assault in the 29th minute with Vigilucci, Piga, Dubcová and Stašková all having ago in the same passage of play but the Azzurre defence somehow managed to keep them all out. The pace dropped towards the end of the hald with the last chance coming for Cernoia, good build-up but her shot lacked precision. 

Asllani had the first chance after the break with a vicious left-footed shot that went wide in the 48th minute. AC Milan kept looking for another with Marinelli at '61 and Vigilucci at '66, managed the advantage well by keeping hold of the ball. Napoli didn't trouble Giuliani but it's not over until the final whistle and the Azzurre began to push forwards. To and fro in the 75th minute, first Chmielinski then Marinelli but to no avail. But in the 84th minute came a volley from Chmielinski on the edge of the box for the unexpected equaliser. The Rossonere open fired on the Partenopee goal but the Azzurre closed them down until the final whistle. It ended 1-1.



NAPOLI (4-3-3): Bacic; Pellinghelli, Di Marino, Pettenuzzo, Kobayashi; Mauri (62' Giai), Gallazzi, Chmielinski; Giacobbo (62' Corelli), Del Estal, Lázaro (71' Gianfico). Subs: Beretta; Bertucci, Di Bari, Kajzba, Togawa, Veritti. Coach: Seno.

AC MILAN (4-3-3): Giuliani; Bergamaschi (77' Guagni), Piga, Mesjasz, Soffia; Vigilucci, Cernoia, Dubcová (66' Rubio Ávila); Asllani (66' Ijeh), Stašková (66' Marinelli), Dompig. Subs: Babb, Copetti; Fusetti, Swaby; Arrigoni. Coach: Corti.

Referee: Di Cicco from Lanciano.
Goals: 11' o.g. Gallazzi (M), 84' Chmielinski (N).
Booked: 27' Gallazzi (N).

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