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The Rossoneri lose at Vismara on the final league day, Frigerio's goal not enough

After undeservedly losing 2-1 against Genoa on the last day of Primavera 1 at Vismara, AC Milan's Primavera season has just ended. The goals of Besaggio in the opening half and Serpe on penalty kick in the closing period proved to be decisive, sandwiched between was Frigerio's first goal in the league. The main stats from Giunti’s team in 2020/21: tenth place, 41 points, 12 victories and 32 goals scored. It has been a long, demanding and important year - starting in September, stopping at the beginning of October and then resuming at the end of January - in which the newly-promoted Diavolo has had its say especially thanks to a good latter half of the season.

Though the playoffs were just an aspiration, few regrets remain. Our Primavera team proved to be humble and practical, united and growing over time. Among the many youngsters playing, there were also several from the class of 2003 who showed their skills, such as the forward El Hilali - the second top scorer (7 goals) behind Olzer (10 goals). Now it's time for the holidays, and in the height of the summer they will be back to work ahead of the new season.



With the playoffs unreachable at the beginning of the game, this allowed for some tactical changes in the line-up, in particular with the debut of Pseftis. The start rewarded Genoa, with the first goal early on in the 6th minute breaking the deadlock early on: Eyango’s cross found Besaggio in the middle of the area with a good volley. The game was then quite slow, in the 13th minute a shot by Capone was blocked by the goalkeeper, breaking the opponent's dominance in terms of chances. Then in the 22nd minute Eyango found himself free in front of Pseftis, who saved it with his body; Boci then tries, easy for the Greek number one. AC Milan grew stronger after the first half hour, and in the 35rd minute came Mionić's shot and Agostino's save. Then in the 36th minute another right-footed shot by Capone, and in the 40th and 45th minute also Mionić and Tonin were dangerous. The whistle blew for half time.

It starts again with Bosisio on the field in place of Coubis. The first to show up was Besaggio, but this time the restart favored the Rossoneri. In the 53rd minute, the equaliser came: Oddi floated the ball into the middle for a great Frigerio header into the corner. The goal galvanized the Diavolo; a few minutes following the onslaught began, even if some attempts often lacked dangerousness. In the 56th minute Bosisio and at 63' Brambilla try but to no avail; then Agostino rises to the top by blocking N'Gbesso's deflection at 64' and rejecting Capone's shot at 68'. In the 88th minute, the red and blue come back ahead: contact from Obaretin on Kallon, the referee gives the penalty and from the penalty spot Serpe finishes it by kicking low and central. Almost at the end, Saco hits the post from distance. The game ends.



AC MILAN (3-4-3): Pseftis; Coubis (46' Bosisio), Stanga (61' Michelis), Obaretin; Frigerio, Brambilla (68' Saco), Mionić (61' Robotti), Oddi; Capone, Tonin; N'Gbesso (80' Di Gesù). Subs: Desplanches, Moleri; Filì, Kerkez; Cretti, Tolomello; Roback. Coach: Giunti.

GENOA (3-5-2): Agostino; Gjini (70' Marcandalli), Serpe, Dumbravanu; Dellepiane (46' Boli), Eyango (73' König), Sadiku (78' Turchet), Besaggio, Boci; Kallon, Estrella (73' Conti). Subs: Della Pina, Tononi; De Angelis, Piccardo, Zaccone; Zielski; Della Pietra. Coach: Chiappino.

Referee: Bordin from Bassano del Grappa.
Goals: 6' Besaggio (G), 53' Frigerio (M), 88' pen. Serpe (G).
Bookings: 33' Capone (M), 86' Conti (G), 88' Obaretin (M).

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