youth-teams01 November 2021


A 3-2 Derby success for Lantignotti's lads, victories away to Pordenone for the other two. Three points for the women's Primavera, as well

The most notable Youth Sector victory from the weekend just gone was the U17s’ success in the Derby: Coach Lantignotti’s side ran out 3-2 winners against Inter to move joint top with the Nerazzurri and Atalanta on 16 points. While there were defeats for the Primavera (a narrow loss to Fiorentina) and the U18s (away to Lazio), there were better results for the U16s and U15s, both of whom beat Pordenone away from home. Indeed, the former came away with a 2-0 victory (leaving them second in the league) and the latter recorded a 4-2 success (they also sit in second, just one point off the top).

Saturday saw the U13, U12, U11 and U9 men’s sides all emerge victorious, with this also applying to the U15 and U13 women’s teams. On Sunday, meanwhile, the women’s Primavera beat Sassari Torres 8-0, making it four wins from four in the league. There was also a big victory for the U17 women’s team against Accademia Calcio Vittuone.


: Matchday 5, Pro Sesto 0-4 AC Milan (Colombo x2, Angelicchio, Pisati)
UNDER-12: Matchday 3, Accademia Inter 0-2 AC Milan (Borsa x2)
UNDER-11: Matchday 3, AC Milan 5-2 Cimiano (Jadid x2, Ancora, Conti, Cremonesi)
UNDER-9: Matchday 3, AC Milan 6-1 Cimiano (Pinton x2, Sorrentino x2, Bernasconi, Mazreku)
WOMEN'S UNDER-15: Matchday 5, AC Milan 6-0 Bresso (Stendardi x2, Di Falco, Franco, Montaperto, Sogni)
WOMEN'S UNDER-13: Matchday 3, Zibido San Giacomo (men) 1-2 AC Milan (Di Lernia, Galluzzi)

: Matchday 7, AC Milan 0-1 Fiorentina
UNDER-18: Matchday 6, Lazio 3-0 Milan
UNDER-17: Matchday 7, Inter 2-3 Milan (42' own goal, 45' Mangiameli, 76' Perrucci)
UNDER-16: Matchday 5, Pordenone 0-2 AC Milan (32' Scotti, 60' Grilli)
UNDER-15: Matchday 5, Pordenone 2-4 AC Milan (8' Battistini, 19' and 23' Liberali, 69' Camarda)
WOMEN'S PRIMAVERA: Matchday 4, AC Milan 8-0 Sassari
WOMEN'S UNDER-17: Matchday 5, Vittuone 2-11 AC Milan (11', 17', 19' and 78' Sperduto; 15' and 45'+4 Pengo; 38' and 74' Porta; 46' Adelfio; 59' Zanisi; 92' De Marco)
WOMEN'S UNDER-11: Matchday 3, Pavia 6-2 AC Milan (Allievi, Gulizia)

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