12 June 2018


The partnership with China Next Generation Education Foundation was launched in Sanya. Attending the event President Li Yonghong, Franco Baresi and Daniele Massaro

The CNGEF - Children's Football Development Plan launched successfully the public welfare activity "AC Milan Soccer Campus" in Sanya area. The launch event was held by China Next Generation Education Foundation (CNGEF), People's Sport, People.cn and other education institutions in Sanya experimental primary school, Hainan Province. Wang Ping, deputy-director of China National Working Committee for the Care of the Next Generation, deputy-director of Working Committee for the Care of the Next Generation from the Ministry of Education, Director of CNGEF; Wang Chenyu, deputy-director of City Financial and Culture & Sports Department from Urban and Small City Reform and Development center of NDRC; Cao Yuanxin, deputy-director of Department of Culture, Radio, Television, Publication and Sports of Hainan Province; Liu Pingjiu, director of Department of Athletic Sports from the Department of Culture, Radio, Television, Publication and Sports of Hainan Province; Wang Weihong, deputy-director of Physical Education and Art Education Department from the Education Department of Hainan province; Chen Pengcheng, deputy-director of the Education Bureau of Sanya City; Li Yonghong, President AC Milan Board and promoter of AC Milan Special Fund, and Zhang Lu, well-known football commentator jointly attended the ceremony.


The revamp and development of football has always been the most heartfelt hope of the people throughout the Country. Building a great power in sport, promoting economic and social development, and realizing the Chinese dream of the great regeneration of the Country is a very significant goal. Bring Football Into Schools and Learn Since Childhood has been the founding project, CPC Central Committee and State Council always gave great importance to this work and specially deployed and backed claims on this matter.

The Ministry of Education together with other six departments issued "The Enforcement Advice on Accelerating the Development of Juniors’ Football Schools". (No.6 Document, Edu, Sport & Art) to accelerate the spreading of nationwide football for kids and to help to achieve the goal of educating people through sports. In the meantime, the Ministry of education also stated that 50 thousand specialized football schools and 200 high-level college sports teams should be launched by 2025.

To achieve this goal, the Ministry of Education has taken the lead and founded the leading group of nationwide juniors’ football schools. CNGEF also started the "Children's football Development Plan" and worked closely together with education departments and schools to thoroughly implement the "General Plan of Reform and Development of Chinese Football" and further spread the spirit of the No.6 Document, Edu, Sport & Art, that is to lead the development of specialized football schools and actively promote the spreading of football schools to meet students' demand to learn how to play football and drive schools to increase sports courses and extracurricular physical exercise, aiming at improving students' physical health. To carry out the "Children's Football Development Plan", CNGEF also worked together with other relevant institutions to launch public welfare activities. The Plan of the Development of Children's football - AC Milan Soccer School, mobilized all social sectors to support the "Bring Football to School" and other related public welfare projects and activities.

From June 2018 and as important part of "Children's Football Development Plan", the one-year project Children’s Football Development Plan - AC Milan Soccer School will be deployed in 39 schools located in Beijing, Changchun, Sanya, Guangzhou, Dongguan, Huazhou, Maoming and other places in China. The project also received strong support from local education bureaus. These activities are primarily targeted to the spreading of football schools through specialists and professional coaches who provide for professional theoretical teaching and skills training for football teachers, to the development of schools to launch small-sided games in students' spare time, to provide support to those who take part in these extracurricular activities and to donate football facilities and equipment. The organizers hope to satisfy students’ demand to learn how to play football and help the relevant schools to further strengthen sports classes and extracurricular physical exercise to actually improve students' physical health.

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