03 April 2020


In these difficult times for our country, Franco Baresi decided to write a letter to all AC Milan employees, an open letter to the entire Rossonero community

"My dear friends, I felt like I needed to share with you some considerations as a result of this particular moment. We are all facing a first-time situation that is depriving us of our daily lives. During this period in which we must stay at home let's nurture our passions, let's contribute to building a better world for the next generations.

My thoughts are with those who are on the front line every day, those who are risking their own lives to save everyone else's. In these days I have seen so much suffering and so much heroism and where there is heroism there is hope. We are all involved and committed to protecting the most precious thing, our health and the wellbeing of those nearest and dearest to us. We are also facing important challenges, we don’t need individuals, we must be a team not only on the pitch because we all have a role that involves expectations and responsibilities.

People are the heart of a company's business. I am therefore convinced that thanks to the high quality of everyone's work, to the respect and trust, that are values ​​in which I have always believed, we will succeed together in taking our great club to the top."

All my love, Franco

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