10 October 2019


8 October 1922 and 9 October 1988: two dates, two stories

What a day the 8th of October is. On this day in 1922… the Baron was born. An ace from the Baltic Sea, Nils Liedholm.  He was born in a town in southern Sweden called Valdermarsvik, a tiny coastal town on the Baltic sea.

The Barone's class and style are etched into AC Milan’s history through all of his victories, appearances, successful passes (nearly all of those he attempted) and, of course, goals. The main man of the Club’s Scudetto of the Star, the tenth in its history, was not just player and leader but also a gifted Coach with the foresight to give a sixteen-year-old Paolo Maldini his debut. Every year the Liedholm prize for sporting culture is awarded, often to highly decorated figures such as Carlo Ancelotti and Maldini, who have helped weave the rich Rossoneri tapestry of champions.

The day after however, one day after having turned 31, it was straight back to the league; the final one which began as late as October. That’s the way it used to be back then, both for Milan and Serie A. Nowadays it’s impossible to believe that was the case, with the first matches of Serie A coming in the days following Ferragosto. On that day, 9 October 1988, Milan returned to the pitch after such a long period of time out, with the star of the Scudetto back on their chests, once again reigning champions.

AC Milan v Fiorentina ended with a scoreline of 4-0, with Virdis scoring a hatrick and Donadoni scoring the other; not a bad way to start the season. The Olympics took place in 1988 and the same thing also occurred after the Sydney Games, with the first matchday in 2000 being scheduled for 1 October, with Milan once again coming out victorious, this time with a 2-0 victory over Vicenza at San Siro. October is a special month for the Rossoneri; the month of the first Milan Derby, won by AC Milan in 1908 and the month of the Van Basten’s birthday. But those are both stories for another day.



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