22 October 2018


The new project, developed together with SoccerSTARS, is dedicated to all Israeli coaches

A three-day training course dedicated, for the first time, to coaches who are not part of Milan Academy network and organized directly by AC Milan in collaboration with the Israeli company SoccerSTARS. The training course will be held at Vismara Sports Center and Casa Milan from November 15 to 17, 2018.

SoccerSTARS, represented by the General Manager Elad Levin, is the Sports Events company founded in 2013 with the aim of promoting the change in Israeli football through the improvement of the technical-tactical knowledges of footballers and coaches and the organization of competitions, courses and promotional initiatives all over the world.

Thanks to the success of Milan Junior Camp Ma'Agan, launched in July 2018, the company decided to broaden its collaboration with AC Milan by undertaking new projects among which the Milan Academy Coach Experience is the first. The course aims at increasing the key skills of the attendees through the philosophical and methodological principles of the red and black Club and will be developed in various phases:

• In-depth development of the technical-tactical area;
• In-depth development of the athletic and motor area;
• Attendance at the training sessions of AC Milan Youth Sector;
• Match Analysis lessons with highly qualified teachers;
• Meetings with AC Milan coaches and with the Research and Development sector;
• Meeting with one red and black Legend.

The training project has been developed thanks to the close collaboration between the Technical Area and the Commercial Area of AC Milan, with Mario Beretta (Technical Manager of the Youth Sector), Elisabet Spina (Research and Development Manager), Gianfranco Parma (Technical Coordinator) and Alessandro Gianni (Head of the Milan Academy international project). Born from the Club's desire to boost the personal and professional growth of all the technical and managerial figures operating in the sports world, the idea is to share the primary objective of increasing the talent of every athlete. For this reason, the R&S Area will develop training courses aimed at coaches and managers who can bridge the gap between theory and practice, between awareness and action, aimed at expanding the skills of all the figures involved in a sports company. The three-day courses that will take place between Vismara and Casa Milan will be characterized by the participation of highly trained speakers who will follow SoccerSTARS' coaches during their path of growth.

"I am delighted to continue our collaboration with AC Milan after the summer success of the AC Milan Junior Camp project in Israel. This Experience, dedicated to coaches, is an important project that will allow Israeli coaches to access the knowledges and the skills of AC Milan Academy and Youth Sector, learning from one of the biggest clubs in the history of football. We have chosen to build this project together with AC Milan with the aim of meeting the needs of Israeli football and clubs, after having experienced the professionalism of the technical staff of the red and black Club. The next step of the partnership will be to open an AC Milan Academy in Israel, giving the opportunity to all young players to improve thanks to the methodology of the red and black youth sector and thus guaranteeing a better future to Israeli football" commented Elad Levin, general manager SoccerSTARS.

Also AC Milan managers welcomed the launch of this ambitious project.

"We consider sports as a fundamental element in the growth of young boys at a human and athletic level and these training courses, aimed at coaches, will help to convey to young players the skills and the sporting culture that are at the base of our project" said Elisabet Spina, Research and Development Manager.

"We strongly believe that these activities can contribute to the international development of AC Milan Academy project. It is a pleasure for us to continue to work with SoccerSTARS to meet the specific needs of the Israeli market through the proposition of a high-level training program" commented Alessandro Gianni, Head of the Milan Academy international project.

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