Board of Directors (BoD), Code of ethics and much more: everything you need to know on the Rossoneri institutions

  1. A.C. Milan S.p.A. is a club authentically anchored to solid popular roots, traditionally strongly alien to racism and discrimination of any kind, which are firmly condemned.
  2. All employees, players, staff members and third parties who establish a contractual relationship with A.C. Milan S.p.A. are bound to accept and abide by the Ethical Code of the company which, among other things provides for “C Milan rejects any discrimination based on sex, race, language, personal and social conditions, religious and political beliefs”.
  3. By accepting the Ethical Code, any possible discriminatory conduct engaged by any subject connected in any capacity to A.C. Milan will be sanctioned. 
  4. The compliance with the Ethical Code and the rejection of any racist behaviour constitutes a binding condition for A.C. Milan for the establishment of relations with groups or supporters’ associations
  5. During the matches, A.C. Milan is committed to scrupulously comply with all the applicable laws in the fight against racism and all forms of discrimination, including: 
    - Performing preventive checks on the banners and printouts introduced at the stadium;
    - Ensuring the removal of banners with racist or discriminatory content that are exposed at the stadium; 
    - Considering the banishment of people  responsible for racist or discriminatory conduct provided for by the Regulations for the Use of the Stadium (the compliance with such rules is an integral part of the tickets sale terms and conditions); 
    - With audio-video ads. 
  6. All A.C. Milan initiatives towards young people are marked by the spread of sports values: first of all those of mutual respect and tolerance.
  7. Any proven racist conduct held by any season ticket holder during the games can be sanctioned with the withdrawal of the season ticket. 
  8. The fight against racism is one of the aspects of cooperation between A.C. Milan S.p.A. and the police forces in order to ensure the stadium security and the peaceful performance of sports events.
  9. A.C. Milan S.p.A. has a long-term plan to strengthen, within the company and among its supporters, a mentality completely free of any racial discrimination. This plan includes: 
    - The organisation of classes for the staff of the company on the issue of racism;
    - lessons on racism and on how to fight fans’ racism are included in the training classes organised by A.C. Milan S.p.A. for stewards;
    - The involvement of the Italian association of Milan Clubs and Sunday Schools that take part in the project “Il Milan per gli oratori” in the organisation of educational and promotional initiatives against racism. 
    - A series of incentives to encourage the presence at the stadium of fans belonging to foreign communities based on the model of incentives for young people;
    - The drafting of slogans and/or endorsements aimed at marking out the initiatives of this particular sector of the company (for example “all colours are red and black” );
    - Participation in the initiatives against racism promoted by F.I.G.C. and/or Lega Serie A. 
  10. During the season 2012-2013, A.C. Milan team left the pitch during a friendly match because some of its players had been target of racial insults. The incident received a wide media coverage. The constant attention of the company against racism allowed the team to react quickly to what happened by engaging a series of positive communication actions started with the Club's public statement, the ones of the coach and of the players and ending on January 6th, 2013, when the team took the field at San Siro for the warm-up before the game against Siena wearing the official jersey with the sentence, both in English and Italian, “A.C. MILAN AGAINST RACISM”. Similar initiatives will be repeated whenever necessary.
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