12 July 2023


The new Rossonero goalkeeper's first press conference from Milanello

It’s the time for words. The new Rossonero Marco Sportiello is an expert goalkeeper, experienced in Serie A and now ready for a new and important chapter of his career. At Milanello, live on the AC Milan Official App, Milan TV, YouTube and Twitch, he explained his emotions and ambitions in the introductory press conference. Here is what he had to say: 

“This is the last step of my career. Being here is a dream, I'm not just saying that because I'm the newcomer and I'm supposed to say that. I have yet to realise it. I think I have matured a lot, especially in recent years and I think I've arrived at the right time. Once I heard about Milan's interest, nothing else mattered."

"I don't think I excel in many qualities, but I think I have important values. I didn't make the Primavera, I grew up in Serie D, C2, C1 before making it to A. No one ever gave me anything, I conquered it all step by step. Making it to Serie A was a dream, being here for ten consecutive years, that's a source of pride."

"Competing in three competitions means you need everyone, not just those on the pitch. I think those who play the least have to push the group on a day-to-day basis, and that's not just a catchphrase: I've realised this a lot in recent years. I have to try to be as ready as possible, and it's not easy. If you don't play for months and then suddenly end up on the pitch, you have to do well immediately, you have to be on top of the game the entire time. I will have to provide reliability and presence to the whole group and the Rossonero atmosphere."

"When Mike arrived in Italy and I played against him for the first time, I immediately said to my coach that he was an extremely strong opponent. He made a great impression on me right from the start, and he justified it. I've always adapted to everyone and I fit in very well. I'm not that young, but I can learn a lot from him and I plan to do so. I am slightly 'old school,' he is very modern and different from others. I want to watch him closely, I'm very eager to train with him. I think I can help him by setting the pace in training, stimulating him."

"At Atalanta, we didn't play out from the back very much. I will definitely have to adapt, but a lot of it is dictated by how your teammates move. You can have a goalkeeper who is great with his feet but if his teammates don't move well off the ball, his style will have to change. I will have to learn quickly to understand the certain mechanisms of this team."

"We went through an awful experience together with the boss, Davide is a person who will always remain in my heart. We only played together a little, but he taught me a lot. He knew how to say the right things to you in the right moment, he was a truly great captain. I got to know his family, there's a strong bond between myself and the coach because of this experience we shared. I'm happy to be back working with him."

"Over the years we have always been in touch; we've maintained our relationship. So far he hasn't asked me for anything in particular but the time will come. The boss is someone you talk to a lot, you compare notes with, I’m sure there will be an opportunity."

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